Things are drifting along nicely at the moment with time to catch up on those jobs we do not get time for during the busy months,Due to support adoptions for pets at pets at home removing support for all wildlife rescues we are looking for help with donations this was a big loss to us loosing an average £800 a year.

2016 Stats

We have worked our 2016 stats out for our Stafford branch only other branches are not included in these figures as its too difficult to keep track of everyone as there are 6 other branches now
Complete intake 261
Released or still in care or rehomed 138
R.I.P or Euthanised 123
Not as good as we would have liked but we always do our best.

Small hogs

The cold weather has arrived with vengeance if you see any hog out during the day it will need help and need to be got to a carer as soon as possible the earlier we get them the more chance they have of survival please don’t wait trying to feed it yourself there are going to underlying health problems.If it out during the day or is out at night but small we need to help it. Put it in a box with a hot water bottle wrapped in an old towel or a pop bottle with warm water in give it something to hide under I.e. A towel, old jumper, shredded paper (Long shred not cross shred), hay or straw and contact a carer straight away.

King Edward V1

Thank you so much Kind Edward V1 School Stafford for holding a raffle for us and raising a brilliant £77 and also a special thank you to Cortney and Lewis for collecting the box of hedgehog food which really helps this time of year with so many hedgehogs to feed Happy Christmas x x

Bonfire Night

As Bonfire night approaches please check Bonfires before lighting them as wildlife find remade bonfires a haven to sleep in. After checking them light the side nearest people first leaving a quiet side till a little later to give any missed animal a chance to escape.PLEASE THINK OF OUR WILDLIFE.