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    • Yes Ken Sorry for delay in answering have been on hols, you are correct 2 were released but unfortunately one did not do well right from the start but the others were released well in time to improve flight and migrate, thank you for caring.

  2. Hi Wendy just wondering how the newly hatched little bird is. Saw photo on fb and it looked so tiny. Is it still feeding OK. Thks so much for looking after it xxx

    Mavis Coleman

  3. Hi Wendy just wondering how the newly hatched little bird is. Saw photo on fb and it looked so tiny. Is it still feeding OK. Thks souvh for looking after it xxx

    Mavis Coleman

    • Hi Sarah, There is one on our facebook page I tend to put the photos on there he is doing well,I would love to have a friend for him at the moment it is a blue teddy but it Does not quack lol x

  4. Hi, bought a hedgehog to you today from Stoke, please keep us informed of the little sweethearts progress you thought it may have lung worm, thank you so much for your kindness we are keeping our fingers crossed thanks again.

  5. Please keep me informed about the young Starling that was taken to Dave in Aldridge on Friday afternoon 15th May at 5pm after falling from his nest and keep up the good work. Hope the little thing makes it xx

  6. Dear Wendy,
    I’m so grateful that there are people like you in the world. It was lovely to meet you on Wednesday (23rd July) when my son and I brought in the young house martin. You were so knowledgeable and compassionate and I’ve been looking on the website to track the little fella’s progress. I’ve named him “Ronnie” after Mr Corbett – because they’re both short and podgey! I’m not sure if you take a photograph of all the animals you manage to rescue, but that would be super if you could. I’d like to know if he’s doing ok. Keep up the good work x

    • Hi Paula,
      Sorry to say but he passed away next morning he was sitting on my finger taking mealworms the night before, sometimes this happens I wish we could save them all .Thanks for caring.

  7. i just want to thankyou for your help with the animals i have found and delivered to you, both times i have been to you you have welcomed me into your home and have been a fountain of knowledge, telling me literally anything and everything i could want to know. your love and passion for these animals is second to none i have seen before and it is so lovely coming to your home and seeing the great work that you do, i hope that one day i could do what you do or even be a part of your organisation, you are a star and you deserve recognition for everything that you do.. thankyou so so much .. james robinson (the heavily tattooed guy (: …..)

    • Thank you James,It’s a pleasure to meet such caring people when they bring animals to us, we only wish we could save them all but we can only do our best,Good luck at collage and you are welcome to come see us anytime,pop in for a chat,looking forward to a time when you can join us see you soon.Regards Wendy

  8. Hello Wendy,
    Thank you for taking in the little sparrow on Thursday evening, 13/6/13,it was such a relief to find someone who would care for him and give him the best chance of survival.
    I have been following his progress and I hope he is still doing well. Thank you again, Suzy.

  9. Absolutely thrilled to bits to know that the 6 nestling blue tits are in excellent hands now. If it weren’t for people like Wendy and Alan and the team then injured/sick animals wouldn’t have a chance. Such great people! Looking forward to tracking the progress online!!

    • Hi Adam,
      Thank you for caring,up to yet all birds are fine 2 out of the 6 are out on perches and they have joined our other blue tit who now clusters with them when they sleep.

  10. Hi Wendy, thank you so much for your help with the little pigeon from Walsall yesterday and we are sorry to hear that he didn’t make it. Nonetheless keep up the good work that you do because its priceless.
    Me and my daughter Bonnie are now hooked on your website and we think its better than Face Book ahahahahah.

    Regards Jacquie and Bonnie Ashton

  11. Hi Wendy

    Trust the little girl I dropped off last night is progressing well. I hope you don’t mind but we’ve named her Lizzie as she looked so busy and determined when we found her walking around our garden. We look forward to seeing her progress and eventual released. It was such a relief to know that there was someone eager and willing to help her especially with Hedgehogs becoming endanged.

    Many thanks,

    • Hi Sue, Up to yet she is coming on slowly ,she won’t eat much so is on anti-biotic and has been wormed we will keep her in observation for a while and release when 600g if it’s not too cold otherwise we will overwinter her till spring and release then.

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