Animal Progress Chart – 2012 (Sep – Dec)

29/12/2012 F Hedgehog(Harriet) Gt.Wyrley Under Weight(411g) Released(731)
22/12/2012 Hedgehog Willenhall Under Weight(345g) Released(696g)
20/12/2012 F Hedgehog(green) Heath Hayes Under Weight(474g) Released
18/12/2012 M Hedgehog(yellow) Pelsall Under Weight(282g) Released
16/12/2012 F Blackbird Featherstone Not flying R.I.P
12/12/2012 Pigeon Cannock Injured foot Released(A)
8/12/2012 Pigeon Cannock Weak thin Released
11/12/12 M Hedgehog(Nutmeg) Lichfield Under weight(269g) Released(831g)(C)
10/12/12 F Hedgehog (Rosie) Coton Green Under Weight Released(C)
7/12/2012 Chaffinch Hednesford Flight problems R.I.P
6/12/2012 F Hedgehog (W) Cheslyn Hay Under Weight(304g) R.I.P
6/12/12 F Hedgehog(Faggot) Coton Green Under weight(346g) Released(1131g)(C)
6/12/2012 F Hedgehog (Buster) Pendeford Under Weight(434g) Released(962g)
5/12/2012 F Hedgehog (Noel) Lichfield Under Weight(324g)) Released
2/12/2012 F Hedgehog Church Eaton Under weight(304g) Vet euthanised (heart prob)
2/12/2012 F Hedgehog (Cinders)) Tamworth Under Weight(475g) Released(850g)(CF)
2/12/2012 F Hedgehog (Izzy) Tamworth Under Weight(486g) Released(CF)(875g)
2/12/2012 M Hedgehog (Jim) Tamworth Under Weight(466g) Released(CF)(953g)
29/11/2012 Hedgehog (blue) Shenstone Rescue Under weight (475g) Released (1224g)
29/11/2012 M Hedgehog(plain) (713g) Shenstone Rescue Come to over winter Released
29/11/2012 Hedgehog (Orangina) Shenstone Rescue Under weight (364g) Released(927g)
29/11/2012 Hedgehog (Orange) Cheslyn Hay Under weight (375g) Released(1096g)
29/11/2012 F Hedgehog (Green) Cheslyn Hay Under Weight(307g) Released(1224g)
29/11/2012 Snipe Value Vet Severe neck laceration Vet Euthanised
28/11/2012 M Hedgehog (Clyde) Great Wyrley Returned from release(475g) Released(1115g)
26/11/2012 Pigeon Cannock Thin Released
24/11/2012 Tawny Owl Brownhills RTA Head Trauma Vet Euthanised
22/11/2012 F Hedgehog Aldridge Breathing Problems 545g R.I.P
20/11/2012 hedgehog Sutton Coldfield R.T.A.Head Injury Vet euthanised
19/11/2012 Hedgehog Tamworth Puncture Wound on leg R.I.P
19/11/2012 F Hedgehog (Holly)(red) Stoke on Trent Under Weight(420g) Released(955g)
14/11/2012 M Hedgehog Burntwood Under weight and wobbly R.I.P
14/11/2012 Hedgehog Coton Green Under weight R.I.P (C)
13/11/2012 F Hedgehog (yumyum) Newton Regis Under weight(139g) Released(730g)(C)
13/11/2012 Sparrow Bushbury Breathing Problems R.I.P
12/11/2012 F Hedgehog(Susie) Cannock Underweight(348g) Released (1101g)
12/11/2012 Hedgehog Cannock Under weight (198g) R.I.P
10/11/2012 Common Gull Hednesford Broken Leg Put Down
10/11/2012 F Hedgehog(blue) Birmingham Underweight 305g Released (967g)
8/11/2012 F Hedgehog(Princess) Tamworth Under weight(267g) Released (950g)(C)
7/11/2012 M Hedgehog(blue) Melbourne vet Underweight (231g) Released
7/11/202 M Hedgehog(Conker) Dosthill Under weight Ill(167g) Released(862g)(C)
5/11/2012 F Hedgehog(Dion) Appleby Magna Under weight(318g) R.I.P(C)
4/11/2012 F Hedgehog Cannock Cold and underweight R.I.P
3/11/2012 Pigeon Cornerstone vet Thin and docile R.I.P
3/11/12 M Hedgehog (Louie) Fordhouses Under weight 322g Released(CF)
29/10/2012 Pigeon(Ferrel) Digbeth Leg injury Released
27/10/2012 M Hedgehog(Max) Amington Under weight 198g Released(993g) (C)
26/10/2012 2 F Hedgehogs(Zena,Zara) Amington Under weight 198g Both Released (781g,710g) (C)
25/10/2012 Collered Dove Great Wyrley Hawked Released
24/10/2012 F Hedgehog (Black) Amington Under weight 168g R.I.P
23/10/2012 Collered Dove Walsall Found in road released
22/10/2012 M Hedgehog (Angel) Polesworth Under weight 239g Released(786g) (C)
19/10/2012 Hedgehog Rushall(200g) Under weight out during day Released(1158g)
18/10/2012 Tumbler Pigeon Wednesfield on window ledge for 3 days Rehomed
16/10/2012 Hedgehog Penkridge Cold and Ill one eye missing R.I.P
12/10/2012 hedgehog Bodymoor Heath Nose injury R.I.P
12/10/2012 Hedgehog 220g Burntwood Blind with breathing probs R.I.P
11/10/2012 Hedgehog (Spice) Anstey Under weight 400g Released 968g
9/10/2012 Hedgehog (Ginger) Arstry Under weight(260g) Mouth abscess vet euthanised
9/10/2012 M Hedgehog (JJ) Glascote under weight (238g) Released(713g) (CF)
5/10/2012 Pigeon Willenhall Found in road lost flight feathers Released
4/10/2012 M Hedgehog (Ross) Coton Green Out During Day Cold Released(855g)(C)
4/10/2012 Hedgehog Lichfield Head Injury with maggots Taken to vets put down
2/10/2012 M Hedgehog (Griffin) Glascote Wet,Hungry and fly strike Released(835g)(C)
2/10/2012 Pigeon Wolverhampton Found on main road Released
1/10/2012 F Hedgehog (Georgie) Lichfield Out During Day Released(943g) (C)
1/10/2012 Swan Walsall Docile on main road Taken to Melbourne Vets Released
1/10/2012 crow Great Wyrley Injured Wing Permenent rehomed
30/09/2012 Pigeon Wolverhampton Cat attack R.I.P
28/09/2012 Collared Dove Oakfield vet Baby R.I.P
28/09/2012 Pigeon Oakfield vet Injured wing Vet put down(C)
28/09/2012 Pigeon Ammington Cat attack Released
28/09/2012 Hedgehog Cumberford Village Prolapse Vet euthanised
28/09/2012 2 Pigeons Cornerstone Vets In rehab Both released
28/09/2012 Pigeon Cheslyn Hay Advanced Canker Put Down
27/09/2012 Hedgehog Newport Found during day in road(252g) R.I.P
26/09/2012 Pigeon Castle Bromwich unable to fly R.I.P
23/09/2012 Pigeon Middleton Osophogus stitched by vet Released
22/09/2012 Pigeon (Moon) Middleton Baby Released
21/09/2012 Hedgehog Huntington Found on footpath during day Realeased(M)
21/09/2012 Hedgehog (Thomas)(273g) Ammington vet Cold and Out during day R.I.P
20/09/2012 Hedgehog (red) Great Wyrley Out during day 384g released (1029g)(D3)
20/09/2012 Robin Tamworth Cat attack R.I.P
19/09/2012 hedgehog Glascote (Lucky) Out during day R.I.P
19/09/2012 Hedgehog Burton(Spike) Out during day R.I.P
18/09/2012 Blackbird Tamworth Cat attack R.I.P
17/09/2012 Pigeon Wolverhampton In for release Released
14/09/2012 2 Baby pigeons cheslyn Hay Found on ground Released
14/09/2012 Hedgehog(Rio) Newton Regis Found out during day ill R.I.P
14/09/2012 Hedgehog Longford Cannock Found in garden Released(M)
13/09/2012 Pigeon Cumberford Wing injury Released
12/09/2012 Hedgehog(Wendy) Shuttington Gaining weight Released
12/09/2012 Hedgehog(Davina) Polesworth Found out during day(509)g leg missing with infection vet put down
8/09/2012 Hedgehog Lichfield Found in road very ill R.I.P
8/09/2012 Pigeon (baby) Burntwood Found on ground Released(CF)
7/09/2012 Hedgehog coven Found in garden ill R.I.P
3/09/2012 Hedgehog Melbourne Vets Cannock From member of public R.I.P
2/09/2012 Pip (W) Cheslyn Hay Found in road Released
2/09/2012 Pigeon Hednesford Broken shoulder Put Down
1/09/2012 Pigeon (Jouvinile) Tipton Found in garden Released
1/09/2012 Pigeon Cornerstone Vets Cut on back Released

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