Animal Progress Chart – 2012 (May – Aug)

31/08/2012 House Martin Rugeley Fell from nest R.I.P
31/08/2012 Pigeon Birmingham Beak injury Released
29/08/2012 Chinise Mandarin Duck Burntwood Brought in by cat Rehomed
28/08/2012 Green Woodpecker Burntwood Concussion Released
28/08/2012 Pigeon Cornerstone Vet Cat attack R.I.P
27/08/2012 Pigeon Cheslyn Hay Possible Concussion R.I.P
27/08/2012 Hedgehog Hednesford Out during day R.I.P
26/08/2012 M Hedgehog Leyfields Found out in garden (Tiddles) Released(980g)(C)
26/08/2012 Hedgehog Fradley Out during day Released
25/08/2012 Hedgehog Derrington Found in road (129g) R.I.P
25/08/2012 Pigeon Great Wyrley Unable to fly released
25/08/2012 Pigeon Sutton Coldfield Broken shoulder Put down
25/08/2012 2 Hedgehogs (Bruno and Becks) Leyfields Found out during day Becks in pond Both released
24/08/2012 Pigeon Oakfield vet Tamworth Cat attack Released
24/08/2012 Field vole Nuneaton Cat attack R.I.P
24/08/2012 Pigeon Leyfields Fell from tree R.I.P
24/08/2012 Pigeon (star) Cumberford Village Found in garden Released
24/08/2012 2 Hedgehogs (Pinky and Perky Walsall Found out during day Pinky R.I.P Perky Released(CF)
23/08/2012 Moorhen Vets 4 Pets Cannock Cuts on back Released
23/08/2012 Hedgehog Great Wyrley Found in garden (460g) Released(D2)(872g)
23/08/2012 Pigeon Norton Canes Hawked R.I.P
23/08/2012 Collered Dove Featherstone Broken shoulder Put Down
22/08/2012 Nestling Pigeon Sutton Coldfield Cat attack Released
21/08/2012 Baby Hedgehog (Spikes) Leyfields Out during day Released
21/08/2012 Baby Pigeon Melbourne Vets Found in road Released (CF)
21/08/2012 Tumbler Pigeon Great Wyrley Dog attack Rehomed
20/08/2012 2 Baby Pigeons Sutton Coldfield Tree with nest in cut down Released
20/08/2012 Pigeon Willenhall Canker Put down
20/08/2012 Muff foot Pigeon Great Wyrley Found on stable yard Rehomed
17/08/2012 Hedgehog Stafford Found in road confused R.I.P
17/08/2012 2 Baby Sparrows At Home Vet Ammington Nest fell from tree 1R.I.P 1 released
16/08/2012 pigeon Bridgetown Nestling Released(CF)
15/08/2012 Jouvnile Pigeon Bearwood Cat attack Released
10/08/2012 2 Baby Housemartins Little Haywood Nest collapsed Released
09/08/2012 Hedgehog Bloxwich Caught in netting Released
08/08/2012 Dunnock Tamworth Fledgling Released
08/08/2012 Collered Dove Oakfield vet Tamworth Baby Released
07/08/2012 Hedgehog Glascote Out during the day R.I.P
07/08/2012 M Hedgehog (Sonic) Norton Regis Broken leg Released(859g)(C)
07/08/2012 Collered Dove Wolverhampton Ill R.I.P
05/08/2012 Pigeon Brownhills Jouvinile Released
07/08/2012 Sparrow Smethwick Leg injury Released
05/08/2012 Hedgehog Sutton Coldfield Cold and wobbly R.I.P
04/08/2012 Blackbird Sutton Coldfield Young Rescued from cat R.I.P
04/08/2012 Greenfinch Yoxall Wing injury Released
04/08/2012 hedgehog Brownhills One eye missing Released
03/08/2012 Pigeon Norton Canes Baby Released
02/08/2012 Chaffinch Bloxwich Baby Released
01/08/2012 Mom and 2 babies Amington Found on removal of shed R.I.P
31/07/2012 Blackbird 387 Vet Gt. Wyrley Baby R.I.P
31/07/2012 Hedgehog Heath Hayes Baby R.I.P
30/07/2012 Hedgehog Amington Found in water feature Released
29/07/2012 Collered Dove Tamworth Baby R.I.P
29/07/2012 Hedgehog Heath Hayes Baby R.I.P
29/07/2012 Sparrow Wolverhampton Cat attack Released
29/07/2012 pigeon Value Vets West Bromwich In for rehab Released
28/07/2012 Collered Dove Cornerstone Vets Thin and weak R.I.P
28/07/2012 hedgehog Amington Cold and Wobbly R.I.P
28/07/2012 Blackbird Heath Hayes Dog attack Released
27/07/2012 Hedgehog Heath Hayes Baby R.I.P
26/07/2012 Pigeon Cannock found in garden Released
26/07/2012 Pigeon Cannock Baby found in garden Released
25/07/2012 Swift Tamworth Wing injury R.I.P
25/07/2012 Wren Chase Terrace Rescued from cat R.I.P
25/07/2012 Quail Burntwood Found in garden Rehomed
25/07/2012 Hedgehog Stone Found in garden Dehydrated Released
25/07/2012 Young Sparrow Churchbridge Broken Leg Put Down
25/07/2012 Baby Blackbird Norton Canes Cat attack R.I.P
25/07/2012 3 Nestlings Burntwood Found in garden R.I.P
24/07/2012 Pigeon Melbourne vet Bloxwich Jouvinile R.I.P
23/07/2012 Hedgehog Amington Underweight R.I.P
20/07/2012 Mom and 2 baby hedgehog (Bonnie (CF)and Clyde released(Al) Glascote Mom ill All released
13/07/2012 Magpie Melbourne vet Jouvinile Released
11/07/2012 Pigeon Melbourne vet Breathing problems R.I.P
06/07/2012 Robin Melbourne vet Growth on beak R.I.P
05/07/2012 2 hedgehogs (Tom and Jerry) Leyfields Babies Both released
03/07/2012 2 Magpies Tamworth Babies R.I.P
02/07/2012 Young Blackbird Melbourne vets Cannock Found in garden Released
02/07/2012 Baby Seagull West Bromwich vets Found walking down street Taken to Secret World for release
01/07/2012 Baby Blackbird Aldridge Cat attack Head Trauma Put Down
01/07/2012 Young Magpie Sutton Coldfield Been attacked by other magpies Released
30/06/2012 Hedgehogs Mom and 3 Babies Coton Green Mom Ill Mom and 1 baby R.I.P 2 Babies released
29/06/2012 Young Chaffinch Ashmore Park Wednesfield Cat attack lost use in leg Put Down
28/06/2012 3 Baby Blackbirds Wolverhampton Tree cut down with nest in Released
28/06/2012 Baby Wood Pigeon Melbourne vet Cannock From RSPCA injury on throat Released
26/06/2012 Baby Goldfinch Churchbridge Found on dirveway Released
25/06/2012 Baby Blackbird Shenstone Found in wheelbarrow Released
25/06/2012 2 Baby Wood pigeons Melbourne Vets Cannock Found in box under hedge Both released
24/06/2012 Canary Great Wyrley Escaped Rehomed
21/06/2012 3 Baby Swallows Great Wyrley Nest Broken Released
18/06/2012 2 Ducklings Tamworth Found alone Released
18/06/2012 Hedgehog Tamworth Found out during day R.I.P
17/06/2012 Baby Blackbird Sutton Coldfield Cat attack Broken leg in 2 places put down
17/06/2012 Baby Blackbird Horton Cat attack Released
17/06/2012 Nestling Great Wyrley Fell from nest R.I.P
13/06/2012 Dunnock Burntwood Found in garden Released
12/06/2012 Jouvinile Hedgehog Stafford Found in garden ill R.I.P
12/06/2012 Baby Wood Pigeon Essington Cat brought in Released
12/06/2012 Baby Blackbird Wolverhampton Cat attack Put Down
12/06/2012 Baby Sparrow Burntwood Cat attack Released
12/06/2012 Pigeon Walsall Gun Shot Wound Put Down
11/06/2012 Jouvinile Crow At Home Vet Tamworth Broken Shoulder Put Down
11/06/2012 Jouvinile Jackdaw Bushbury Magpie attack Leg recovered Released
10/06/2012 Jouvinile Green Woodpecker Halesowen Head injury Magpie attack released
10/06/2012 2 Hedgehogs Burntwood Stuck in gap behind shed Released
09/06/2012 Jackdaw Rawnsley Picked up on chase Released
08/06/2012 Baby Blackbird Streetly Found in garden Released
08/06/2012 Hedgehog Tamworth Muddy Cold and Wet Released
07/06/2012 Baby Blackbird Chadsmore Found wet and cold Released
07/06/2012 Sparrow Poolhouse vet Burntwood Baby Released
07/06/2012 Sparrow Norton Canes Hand reared Released
07/06/2012 Wren Burntwood Found on floor DOA
07/06/2012 Jouvinile Spotted Woodpecker Longford Magpie attack R.I.P
06/06/2012 Great Tit Burntwood In for release Released
06/06/2012 Hedgehog Tamworth Thin Released
06/06/2012 Dunnock Streetly Baby Released
05/06/2012 Baby Pigeon Burntwood Crow attack Released
05/06/2012 Jouvinile Pigeon Lichfield R.T.A leg paralasis Put down
05/06/2012 Goldfinch Bridgetown Concussion Released
04/06/2012 Baby Blue tit Birmingham Cat attack R.I.P
04/06/2012 Baby Pigeon Wombourne Cat attack Released
04/06/2012 Charlie Cheadle Fell in canal lock Released
02/06/2012 Baby Blue tit Churchbridge Nesting box destroyed R.I.P
01/06/2012 Wood Pigeon Birmingham RTA Put Down
01/06/2012 Baby Blackbird Burntwood Being chased by cats Released
01/06/2012 Mallard Duckling Bushbury (Cornerstone vet) Found on own Released
01/06/2012 2 Baby Robins Burntwood(Poolhouse vet) Taken in by client 1 Released 1 R.I.P
01/06/2012 Crow Lichfield Attacked by other crows Broken Beak Vet put down
31/05/2012 Wood Pigeon Wednesbury Cat attack Put Down
30/05/2012 Baby Blackbird Sutton Coldfield Cat attack Released
30/05/2012 Baby Blackbird (Miss anniversary) Cat attack R.I.P
30/05/2012 Jouvinile Starling Tamworth Shoulder injury Released
29/05/2012 2 Hatchlings Birmingham Babies R.I.P
28/05/2012 Blackbird Pye Green Jouvine Released
28/05/2012 Blackbird Bloxwich Broken wing Put Down
28/05/2012 Hatchling Wednesfield Baby R.I.P
28/05/2012 Hedgehog Rugely Ill Snuffly 656G R.I.P
28/05/2012 3 Mallard Ducklings Penkridge Babies Released
27/05/2012 Wood Pigion Burntwood Jouvinile Released
27/05/2012 Wood Pigeon Ivetsy Bank Thin not flying Released
27/05/2012 Wood Pigeon Corner house vet Jouvinile Released
26/05/2012 Blackbird Brigdtown Broken wing R.I.P
24/05/2012 Nestling Poolhouse Vet Baby R.I.P
23/05/2012 Blackbird Hednesford Baby Released
22/05/2012 Hedgehog Tamworth Infection R.I.P
14/05/2012 Pheasent Wolverhampton Baby R.I.P
14/05/2012 Wood Pigeon Brownhills Badley Broken Wing Put Down
11/05/2012 Wood Pigeon Penkridge Ill not eating or flying R.I.P
10/05/2012 Blackbird Chuchbridge Baby Released
10/05/2012 Hedgehog Penkridge car accident Released
10/05/2012 Blackbird Pool House Vets(Burntwood) Baby Released
09/05/2012 Wood Pigeon Walsall Wood Baby Vet Put Down
09/05/2012 2 Starlings Melbourne Vets Jouviniles (1 with wing injury) released
05/05/2012 Great Tit Great Wyrley Baby Released
05/05/2012 Green Finch Tamworth Cat attack R.I.P
04/05/2012 Wood Pigeon Great Wyrley Badly broken leg Put Down
04/05/2012 Blackbird Featherstone Poss head injury (Dazed) R.I.P

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