Animal Progress Chart – 2012 (Jan – April)

29/04/2012 Wood Pigeon Great Barr Cat attack chest injury released
28/04/2012 Wood Pigeon Albrighton Hawk attack and thin R.I.P
27/04/2012 Dunnock Kidderminster Baby R.I.P
26/04/2012 Blackbird Bloxwich Baby released
25/04/2012 3 Robins Aldridge Babies Released
25/04/2012 Goldfinch Tipton Baby R.I.P
24/04/2012 Wood Pigeon Chadsmore Cut on throat released
24/04/2012 Baby Magpie Wednesfield Crow Attack released
24/04/2012 Baby Blackbird Chadsmore Cat attack R.I.P
21/04/2012 Dunnock Fordhouses Baby R.I.P
19/04/2012 Dunnock Heath Hayes Baby R.I.P
18/04/2012 young Hedgehog Churchbridge Eye removed Released
17/04/2012 Wood Pigeon 387 Gt Wyrley Vet Flew into Window R.I.P
16/04/2012 Mallard Duckling Melbourne Vet Broken leg R.I.P
14/04/2012 Hedgehog Bloxwich stopped circling eating little Put down
14/04/2012 Young Blackbird Wolverhampton Broken leg Released
13/04/2012 Wood Pigeon Shenstone Baby poss wing injury Released
12/04/2012 Blackbird Rushall Baby Released(JK)
10/04/2012 Blackbird 387 vets Gt.Wyrley Juvenile Released
07/04/2012 Collered Dove Stonnall Baby Released
02/04/2012 Buzzard Essington Possible concussion Taken to British wildlife rescue
01/04/2012 Blackbird Heath Hayes Cat attack R.I.P
01/04/2012 Baby Blackbird Hednesford Brought in by dog Released(jk)
01/04/2012 Pigeon Cannock (Dorothy) In for release Released
28/03/2012 Hedgehog stafford Breathing problems Released
25/03/2012 Hedgehog Cannock Found in garden D.O.A
21/03/2012 Hedgehog Heath Hayes Found in garden Put down
15/03/2012 Young Collered Dove Ceslyn Hay Cat attack wing injury Released
12/03/2012 Pigeon Sutton Coldfield Wing Injury permanently rehomed
06/03/2012 young Wood Pigeon Burntwood Cat attack R.I.P
05/03/2012 baby dove(Jamie) Lichfield found in garden injured leg Released
01/03/2012 pigeon Rugely wood Hawk attack badly concussed put down
29/02/2012 Hedgehog Chase Terrace Found out in daytime Released
24/02/2012 Great Tit Stafford Concussion released
08/02/2012 Blackbird Brownhills Cat Attack Died (Blood Poisoning)
02/02/2012 Young Magpie Brownhills Broken wing Put Down
01/02/2012 Hedgehog Alrewas snuffly, only has one eye Taken to Vale rescue for tests
18/01/2012 Cockerel churchbridge poss traffic accident recovered well rehomed

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