Animal Progress Chart – 2011 (Archives)

21/12/2011 Wood Pigeon Cannock Canker Put Down
21/12/2011 Young Hedgehog (missey) Tamworth under weight Released
15/12/2011 Common Gull Cheslyn Hay Badly broken wing Put Down
12/12/2011 Mallard Duck Hednesford Found on doorstep wings clipped Released
08/12/2011 Young Hedgehog Castle Bromwich Underweight , leg problem R.I.P
29/11/2011 Robin Cannock Concussion Released
25/11/2011 Small hedgehog (Melbourne) great wyrley Found in garden via Alan Released
20/11/2011 young fantail Pigeon Heath Town Thin Rehomed
20/11/2011 young Ferrel Pigeon Landywood Small Wing Injury remaining with carer as cannot fly
12/11/2011 young (non) hedgehog Glascote brought in by dog released
28/10/2011 young hedgehog Melbourne Vets(C.Hay) Cought in netting 850g released
21/10/2011 2 Young Wood Pigeons Great Wyrley Canker R.I.P
20/10/2011 Young Hedgehog Cheslyn Hay Found on footpath during day R.I.P
15/10/2011 Kingfisher Penkridge Concussion Released
12/10/2011 Wood Pigeon Cannock Gun Shot Wound Put down
11/10/2011 Hedgehog Tamworth Found in garden pool Released 900g
11/10/2011 Hedgehog Lichfield Inflamed rear foot Released
08/10/2011 Young Ferrel Pigeon Streetly Car accident released
06/10/2011 Young Wood Pigeon Gt Wyrley Hawk Attack released
05/10/2011 Baby Hedgehog Cnk Vets (93g) Found out in daytime R.I.P
29/09/2011 3 Baby Hedgehogs Tamworth Found in garden daytime all released
28/09/2011 Young Starling Cheslyn Hay Found in drain R.I.P.
26/09/2011 Young Wood Pigeon Bridgetown Found on road released
26/09/2011 Baby Hedgehog Willenhall Found in garden Released
24/09/2011 Young Blackbird Burntwood Cat attack released
24/09/2011 Baby Wood Pigeon Cheslyn Hay cut on back out of nest put down
23/09/2011 Young Wood Pigeon Gt Wyrley Ill on car park R.I.P.
22/09/2011 Starling Gt Wyrley Vets Car accident R.I.P.
21/09/2011 Young Wood Pigeon Cheslyn Hay Hawk Attack R.I.P.
20/09/2011 House martin Codsall Wood Injured R.I.P.
20/09/2011 2 Baby Wood Pigeons Codsall Nest destroyed Released

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