Animal Progress Chart

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23/2/20 F Robin Bo2 Stone Found in garden Released
18/2/20 M Hedgehog 640g H04 Weston Downs Caught in. Netting Released 749g
5/2/20 M Hedgehog 292g H03 Stafford Small, Round worm, fluke R.I.P
16/1/20 Collared dove B01 Church Easton Hawk attack Released
5/1/20 M Hedgehog 352g H02 Church Easton Small, Round worm, fluke R.I.P
4/1/20 F Hedgehog 357g H01 Cheadle Small, Round worm Released 870g
18/12/19 Hedgehog 292g H49 Gnosall Out during day, small Released 880g che)
15/12/19 Hedgehog 589g H48 Great Haywood Breathing Problems R.I.P
15/12/19 Magpie B81 Cannock Wing injury Living in aviary(Clare)
15/12/19 F Hedgehog 378g H47 Walton on the hill Worm infestation non responsive R.I.P
11/12/19 Hedgehog 322g H46 Gnosal Worm infestation Being treated
8/12/19 F Hedgehog 259g H45 Stafford Worm infestation,Cold R.I.P
4/12/19 Hedgehog 283g H44 Stafford Worm infestation R.I.P
3/12/19 F Hedgehog 378g H43 Baswich Worm infestation Released
27/11/19 Hedgehog 410g H42 Eccleshall Under weight ,worms Released (che)
24/11/19 Hedgehog 301g H41 Armatage Found in road R.I.P
23/11/19 M Hedgehog 351g H40 stafford Magpie attack Released 812g
21/11/19 Tawney Owl B80 Burntwood Eye injury Taken to gentleshaw rescue
17/11/19 Hedgehog 185g H39 Handsacre Out during day ,small Released (che)
15/11/19 F Hedgehog 187g H38 Rising Brook Out during day ,small Being raised now 194g
15/11/19 Hedgehog 233g H37 Stafford Round/Lung worm Released 705g
14/11/19 M Hedgehog 259g H36 Horton Round/Lungworm R.I.P
13/11/19 F Hedgehog H35 Stone Dog attack swollen tummy R.I.P
13/11/19 Hedgehog 260g H34 Handsacre Round and Lung worm Released 622g
12/11/19 F Hedgehog 351g H33 Stafford Out during day ,small Released (che)
12/11/19 F Hedgehog 357g H32 Hillmans vets Round and Lung worm R.I.P
10.11.19 Hedgehog 326g H31 Burntwood Bloody ear and nose Released(Che)
31/10.19 F Hedgehog H30A Wolverhampton via Debbie Broken rear leg Released now 630g
16.10.19 M Hedgehog 214g H30 Poundstretcher Stafford Found in shop Released now 620g
15.10.19 F Hedgehog 286g H29 Houghton Out during Day R.I.P
10.10.19 M Hedgehog 238g H28 Penkridge Out during day ,small Released 658g
9.10.19 F Hedgehog 27a Beaconside Round & lung worm Releasd now 728g(Che)
8.10.19 Pigeon B79 Newport Advanced Canker R.I.P
4.10.19 F Hedgehog H27 230g Gnosall Round & lung worm Released now 763g (Che)
4.10.19 Young Magpie B78 Stone Magpies attacking it Released
2/10/19 Young collard Dove B77 Stafford Found in garden Released
1.10.19 Hedgehog 865g H26 Weston Downs Found in hole round &a lung worm Released
30.9.19 Fledgling Pigeon B76 Gnosall Advanced Canker R.I.P
8/9/19 F Hedgehog 336g H26 Milford Found by main road Released 686g
4/8/19 Fledgling Pigeon B75 Penkridge via Lindsay Found be main road Released
1/8/19 Pigeon B74 Island Vets Feather Loss poor condition Released
29/7/19 Hedgehog H25 Island Vets Dragging back legs Euthanised
21/7/19 Young hedgehog H23 427g Gnosall Dog attack Released
20/7/19 Pigeon B73 Stafford No tail feathers Released
20/7/19 2 x Housemartins B72-72a Stone Nest fell down Released
19/7/19 2 x B70-71 Coven Nest fell down Released
17/7/19 Skylark B70 Stafford Common Flew into window Released
17/7/19 Hedgehog H22 Stafford Found in neighbors pond Released
15/7/19 Blackbird Fledgeling B69 Island vets Cat attack R.I.P
11/7/19 F Hedgehog H21 Shires vets Found in canal Released 696g
10/7/19 Young Swift B68 West way Found on ground Released
6/7/19 Goldfinch B67 Island vets Taken in by client Released
4/7/19 3 x baby Robins B66 Stafford (tiggy) Hedge cut with nest in 1 x RIP 2 released
1/7/19 Hoglett H19 Moss Pit Found without mom Released
1/7/19 Hoglett H20 76g Shires vets Taken in by client released
30/6/19 2 x Hoglets H18/18a Bradley Dog attack Released
30/6/19 Fledgling Pigeon B65 Stafford Found on ground Released
29/6/19 Young Jackdaw B64 Walsall Found on ground Released
27/6/19 Fledgling Blackbird B63 Island vets Client took in R.I.P
27/6/19 2 x Fledgling Robins B62 &62a Stafford Found in school R.I.P
27/6/19 Fledgling Robin B61 Stafford Cat attack R.I.P
26/6/19 Nestling Pigeon B60 Norbury Junction Found on ground Released
26/6/19 Fledgling Dunnock B59 Tipton Cat attack R.I.P
26/6/19 Pigeon B58 Highfields Foot injury Released
26/6/19 M Hoglett 95g H17 Baswich Foliculitis Released 580g
25/6/19 Crow B57 Longton In for release Released
22/6/19 Dunnock B56a Stoke In for release Released
21/6/19 Fledgling Jackdaw Weston under lizard Found on ground Released
20/6/19 Nestling Blackbird B55 Salt Found on ground Released (C)
18/6/19 Nestling pigeon Market Drayton Found on ground Released
17/6/19 Fledgling Robin B53 Bilston Cat attack R.I.P
17/6/19 Baby Hedgehog 105g H16 Stafford Foliculitis Released
15/6/19 Jackdaw B52 ? Badly broken wing Euthanised
14/6/19 M Hedgehog H15 Weston Down Wet by road side R.I.P
13/6/19 M Hedgehog H14 Stafford Ear wound stitched breathing probs Euthanised brain damage
11/6/19 Crow B51 W-Ton vets White feathers Long term foster
10/6/19 Hedgehog H13 461g Rising Brook Out during day Released
9/6/19 Nestling Goldfinch B50 Cannock Tree cut down R.I.P
9/6/19 Pigeon B49 Stafford Cat attack R.I.P
6/6/19 Pigeon B48 Stafford Found on shelving outside shop Released
5/6/19 Blackbird Nestling B47 Rickerscote Cat attack R.I.P
5/6/19 Crow B46 Stafford Mouth canker infected R.I.P
4/6/19 Hedgehog H12 Wednesfield Broken Leg Vet Euthanised leg infected
3/6/19 M Blackbird B45 Newport Cat attack R.I.P
2/6/19 Young Magpie B44 Weston Coyney Attacked, Concussion Released
2/6/19 Baby Rabbit R1 Little Bloxwich Punture wounds Rehomed as tame
1/6/19 Hedgehog H11 Wednesfield Out during day R.I.P
1/6/19 Fledgling starling B43 Stoke Cat attack R.I.P
31/5/19 Blue tit B42 Wheaton Aston Found in garden R.I.P
31/5/19 Young Crow B41 Stone Fell from tree Released
27/5/19 fledgling Blackbird B40 Hixson Cat attack Released
27/5/19 Fledgling Blackbird B39 Hixson Cat attack Released
26/5/19 Nestling Longtailed tit B38 Stone Cat attack R.I.P
25/5/19 Fledgling Robin B37 Burton Manor Cat attack R.I.P
25/5/19 Fledgling Magpie B36 Kingston hill Canker R.I.P
25/5/19 Fledgling Gt.Tit B35 Stoke Wing Injury R.I.P
25/5/19 Fledgling Robin B34 Burton manor Cat attack Released
24/5/19 Nestling Blackbird B33 Homecroft Cat attack Released (J)
21/5/19 Nestling Blackbird B29 Derrington Cat attack Released (J)
23/5/19 M Hedgehog H11a Houghton Raspy breathing problems R.I.P
23/5/19 Fledgling sparrow B32 Hixson Found on wall R.I.P
23/5/19 Nestling Blackbird B31 Hixson Cat attack R.I.P
22/5/19 Young Magpie B30 Tunstall Fell from nest R.I.P
21/5/19 Nestling Blackbird B29 Derrington Cat attack Released(J)
21/5/19 Nestling Blackbird B28 Hixson Cat attack R.I.P
20/5/19 M Hedgehog H10 North Stafford Out during day Released
20/5/19 Young Starling B27 Stone (Martine) Found in garden R.I.P
19/5/19 Pigeon B26 North Stafford RTA Released
16/5/19 Pigeon B25 Wednesfield Puncture wounds R.I.P
16/5/19 Nestling sparrow B24 Great Bridgeford Found on road Released
16/5/19 Young Starling B23 Doxey Cat attack leg injury Released
16/5/19 Young Starling B21a Cotes Heath Window collision, weak R.I.P
16/5/19 M Hedgehog 791g H9 Gnosall Dog attack prolapse and stitches Released
15/5/19 Fledgeling blackbird B22a Hillmans vets Cat attack Released (J)
15/5/19 Fledgling Dunnock B20a Tipton Cat attack broken leg R.I.P
15/5/19 F Blackbird B19a Stafford Cat attack R.I.P
12/5/19 Nestling Pigeon B18a Stafford (Gerald) Found on trampoline R.I.P (J)
12/5/19 Young sparrow B17a Hednesford Fell from roof & cat attack R.I.P
10/5/19 F Hedgehog 799g H8 Eccleshall Cold and lifeless Released
10/5/19 Young pigeon B22 Stafford Been Shot Euthanised
5/5/19 Young pigeon B21 Stoke Found in garden Released
4/5/19 Fledgling sparrow B20 Kingston hill Cat attack leg injury R.I.P
3/5/19 Racing pigeonB19 Parkside Found in garden Rehomed
3/5/19 Collerd dove B18 Hyde Lee Found in barn Released
3/5/19 Young blackbird B17 Highfields Cat attack R.I.P
2/5/19 M Hedgehog H7 Brownhills Dog attack Released
30/4/19 Nestling Great tit B15 Stone road Stafford Found in garden R.I.P
30/4/19 M Hedgehog 765g H6 Doxey Marshes Eye injury circling Blind rehomed
30/4/19 Fledgling blackbird B14 Wheaton Aston Found in road Released
29/4/19 Nestling Dunnock B13 Perton Cat attack R.I.P
29/4/19 Young Blackbird B12 Weston Coyney Head injury R.I.P
28/4/19 F Hedgehog 579g H5 Burntwood Open front leg fracture Vet put to sleep
27/4/19 Fledgling Dunnock B11 Ranton Nest fell down Released
27/4/19 Pigeon B10a Stoke Wing Injury Released
28/3/19 crow B10 Gornal Leg injury Released
27/3/19 M Hedgehog 427g H3 Weston downs Out during day Released
24/3/19 Pigeon B9 Cannock Chase Hawk attack Released
20/3/19 young collard dove B8 Island vets stafford Cat attack Released
12/3/19 Hedgehog H2 Returned to garden after release Lost weight and worms Released
7/3/19 M Blackbird B7 Hillmans vets cannock Cat attack R.I.P
16/2/19 Young pigeon B6 Milford No tail and some wing feathers missing Released
7/2/19 Coot B5 Burntwood Found on car park R.I.P
:31/1/19 F Hedgehog (250g)H1 Penkridge(Lily) Too small for time of year Released now 946g
31/1/19 Ferrel pigeon B4 Willenhall Hawk attack Released
24/1/19 Kestrel B3 Stone Winf injury Gone to Gentleshaw rescue
18/1/19 Dunnock B2 Brewood Cat attack R.I.P
6/1/19 Common gull B1 Standon Crow attack R.I.P
28/12/18 Hedgehog 340g H66 Jackdaws burntwood Strimmed lost eye and leg damage Gone to safe garden (sharna)
5/12/18 Hedgehog 400g H65 Penkridge Round worm and fluke Released 765g
24/11/18 Pigeon B132 Rugely Window collision Released
23/11/18 F Hedgehog 285g H64 Blithbridge Leg amputation, Round lung and fluke worm Released 667g
16/11/18 Hedgehog 359g H63 Wheaton Aston Round worm Released(martine)now 928g
15/11/18 Hedgehog 361g H62 Little Haywood Underweight Released 760g
14/11/18 Hedgehog 337g H61 Uttoxeter Underweight Released 848g
8/11/18 F Hedgehog 245g H60 Warren house vet brownhills Leg amputation due to infection R.I.P
7/11/18 Ferrel Pigeon B131 Island vet stafford Dislocated Wing Released
5/11/18 Robin B130 Cannock Lost tail feathers Released
30/10/18 M Hedgehog 349g H59 Little Haywood Round Worm and Fluke Released now 661g
30/10/18 M Hedgehog 335g H58 Telford Round Worm and Fluke Released now 633g
30/10/18 M Hedgehog 369g H57 Burntwood Round Worm and Fluke Released 690g
29/10/18 Hedgehog 408g H56 Church Easton Round Worm and Fluke Released now 662g
27/10/18 Hedgehog 247g H55 Penkridge Round Worm and Fluke Released 870g
27/10/18 Hedgehog 307g H54 Stone Round Worm and Fluke Released 706g
27/10/18 Hedgehog H53 Stafford (Karen) Round Worm and collapse R.I.P
24/10/18 Hedgehog 305g H52 Pattingham Round worm and Fluke Released now 870g(CF)
22/10/18 F Hedgehog 821g H51 Stafford Total collapse Found in trench R.I.P
21/10/18 Hedgehog 226g H50 Wheaton Aston Fluke,Round worm and lung worm R.I.P
16/10/18 Hedgehog H49 Acton Trussel Fly strike and collapse R.I.P
16/10/18 Pigeon B129 Stafford Wing and leg injury Daily free flying
14/10/18 Pigeon B128 Eccleshall Found in road No improvement Euthanised
13/10/18 F Hedgehog 901g H48 Handsacre Fly strike and breathing problems R.I.P
12/10/18 F Blackbird B127 Levedale Flew into window R.I.P
12/10/18 Hedgehog 265g H47 Tixel road Round worm and fluke Released 760g
10/10/18 F Hedgehog575g H46 Lapley Found on side in field R.I.P
6/10/18 Pigeon B126 Telford Hit window Released
5/10/18 Magpie B125 Gt Haywood Off legs R.I.P
5/10/18 F Hedgehog 283g H45 Shugborough Round worm and fluke R.I.P
4/10/18 Hedgehog H44 Penkridge Round worm and fluke R.I.P
3/10/18 Hedgehog H43 Penkridge Round worm and fluke R.I.P
3/10/18 Hedgehog 263g H42 Penkridge Round worm and fluke R.I.P
27/9/18 F Hedgehog 344g H41 Stafford Out during day at school R.I.P
27/9/18 Hedgehog H40 Silkmore Lane Returned hog ill R.I.P
27/9/18 Pigeon B124 Loggerheads Not flying Released
26/9/18 Pigeon B123 Stafford Found on ground Released
26/9/18 Collered dove B122 Doxey Not flying Released
26/9/18 Collered dove B121 Cannock Under observation Released
24/9/18 Pigeon B120 Stafford Been attacked Released
22/9/18 2 x Young pigeon B119 Gnosall Nest fell from tree Released
16/9/18 2 x Nestling pigeon B118 387 vet great wyrley Nest fell from tree Released (S)
19/9/18 Nestling pigeon B117 stafford Found on car park Released
19/9/18 Young pigeon B116 Wolverhampton Found in alley Released
19/9/18 pigeon B115 Great Wyrley Found on car park R.I.P
19/9/18 Hedgehog 278g H39 Baswich via Ann Light for size Released
17/9/18 4 x hogletts H38 Via Danny Out during the day Released(C)
16/9/18 Young pigeon B114 Cannock Advanced Canker R.I.P
15/9/18 Pigeon B113 Aldridge Found in garden R.I.P
30/8/18 Pigeon B112 Rising brook Chest injury R.I.P
14/9/18 Sparrow B111 Doxey Found in garden R.I.P
14/9/18 Housemartin B110 Cannock Found on ground Released (L)
13/9/18 Hedgehog 344g H37 Acton Trussel Out during day R.I.P
13/9/18 nestling pigeon B109 Willenhall Fell from nest Released (S)
12/9/18 Collered Dove B108 Rickerscote Found in garden via Shirley Released
12/9/18 Nestlng pigeon B107 Wolverhampton Cat brought in Released(S)
10/9/18 Nestling Pigeon B106 Vets4Pets Stafford Fell from nest Released
31/8/18 Dunnock B105 Teddersley Found in garden Released
31/8/18 Pigeon B104 Cheslyn Hay Window Collision Released
30/8/18 Hedgehog 265g H36 Weston road Dehydrated, limp R.I.P
30/8/18 Blackbird B103 Stafford Cat attack R.I.P
30/8/18 Collered Dove B102 Great Wyrley Found in garden Released
29/8/18 M Hedgehog 198g H35 Cannock Dog playing with it Released(A)
29/8/18 Pigeon B101 Redford Bank Found in garden R.I.P
27/8/18 F Hedgehog 302g H34 Stafford Dehydrated and limp R.I.P
25/8/18 Dove B100 Gnosall Eye injury Released
21/8/18 F Blackbird B98 Bloxwich Cat attack R.I.P
19/8/18 Hedgehog H33 Penkridge via Lindsay Abscess due to bite Released
17/8/18 Nestling pigeon B97 Parkside Canker R.I.P
17/8/18 Young Goldfinch B96 Wolverhampton Broken wing R.I.P
16/8/18 Young gull B95 Chasewater Lethargic R.I.P
16/8/18 Pigeon B94 Cannock Found in garden not flying R.I.P
15/8/18 Hatchling Sparrow B93 Cheslyn hay Found on ground R.I.P
15/8/18 Hedgehog H32 Rising brook church Dismantling decking relocated Released
15/8/18 Sparrow B92 Newport Damaged eye R.I.P
15/8/18 Pigeon B91 Bridgetown Crow attack R.I.P
13/8/18 Collered Dove B90 Stoke on Trent via liz Cat attack Released
13/8/18 Collered Dove B89 Hilton Park Services Head trauma Released
13/8/18 House Martin B88 Tibberton Found on ground R.I.P (liz)
12/8/18 M hedgehog H31 178g Walton in the hill Out during the day Released
12/8/18 Pigeon B86 Stoke on Trent Broken leg Euthanised, no improvement
10/8/18 Pigeon B86 Stoke Cat attack, puncture wounds Broken wing euthanised
10/8/18 Sparrow B85 Stafford Injured leg Released
9/8/18 2 x Jouvenile Blackbirds B84 Meadowcroft Found in garden,not flying 1 R.I.P, 1 Released
9/8/18 Pigeon B83 Birmingham Walked into works unit Owner traced,not wanted so rehoming
7/8/18 Young collered Dove Penkridge Collapsed R.I.P
6/8/18 Fledgling Sparrow B81 Cannock Cat attack R.I.P
5/8/18 Ferrel pigeon Wednesfield Removed from chimney,falling over Released
4/8/18 F Hedgehog H30 Parkside Lung , Round and fluke worm Released
4/8/18 Hedgehog H29 Gt. Haywood Wobbly Out during day R.I.P
4/8/18 2 x nestling Pigeons B79 Walsall Abandoned Both R.I.P
1/8/18 F Hedgehog H28 Burntwood Stimmer accident Released
30/7/18 Pigeon B78 Found on chase Brockton Not flying R.I.P
28/7/18 Pigeon B77 Tettenhall Found on ground Released
25/7/18 Bullfinch B76a cannock Found on ground Released
9/7/18 Pigeon B76 Walsall Not flying Released
9/7/18 Collared dove B75 Hyde Lee Found on ground Released
9/7/18 F Hoglet H27 Newport Out during day Released (A)
7/7/18 2 x Goldfinch B74 four crosses via Aaron Crow attack 1 R.I.P 1 Released(L)
7/7/18 Pigeon B73 Newport Injured wing Released
7/7/18 F Hoglet 185g H26 Doveridge Caught in net Released (A)
7/7/18 F Hoglet 113g H25 Stafford Out during day Released (A)
6/7/18 Pigeon B72 Tettenhall Found on drive Released
4/7/18 F Hedgehog 366g H24 Rising brook Out during day, underweight Released
4/7/18 Collered Dove B71 ? Found on drive,Broken leg Released
2/7/18 Young Pigeon B70 Walton on the hill Not using legs Released
2/7/18 F Hoglett 101g H23 Uttoxeter Found in road R.I.P
2/7/18 M Hoglett 76g H22 Uttoxeter Cat playing with it Released (ch)
28/6/18 sparrow B69 Bloxwich Found on ground R.I.P
27/6/18 Fledgling sparrow B68 Rugely Cat attack Released
27/6/18 Fledgling sparrow B67 Island vets Found on ground R.I.P
25/6/18 Young Starling B66 Willenhall Fell from nest Released
25/6/18 Young blackbird B65 Stafford Cat attack,leg injury Released
25/6/18 Pigeon B64 Blithebridge Misaligned beak Released
24/6/18 Nestling sparrow B63 Hill Ridware Found on ground Released
22/6/18 4 x hogletts H21 Uttoxiter Mom Killed 1 R.I.P Released (ch)
22/6/18 Pigeon B62 Heath Hayes Magpie attack head injury Released
21/6/18 Female chaffinch B61 Stone Found by road Released
20/6/18 Pigeon (Pete) B60 Stoke Broken wing Infected,Euthanised
20/6/18 Young Hedgehog H20a Leek Out during day Released(ch)
20/6/18 Blue tit B59 Netherton In for recouperation Released
19/6/18 Hedgehog H20 Gnosall Out during day Released
17/6/18 M Hedgehog 433g H19 Baswich (via Anne) Out during day,lump on chest R.I.P
15/6/18 Hatchling Sparrow B57 Rugeley Found on ground Released
15/6/18 Nestling pigeon B56 Leek Cat attack Released
13/6/18 young Sparrow B55 wildwood Poss concussion R.I.P
13/6/18 M hedgehog H18 Stafford Foot injury, worms R.I.P
13/6/18 Nestling pigeon B54 Featherstone Splay legs R.I.P
11/6/18 Fledgling Blackbird B53 Cannock Magpie attack Released
10/6/18 Nestling Dunnock B52 Stafford Cat attack R.I.P
10/6/18 Pigeon B51 Stafford Cat attack Released
10/6/18 Nestling Pigeon B50 Burntwood Found on ground Released
7/6/18 Hatchling Sparrow B49 Brownhills Fell from nest R.I.P
6/6/18 M hedgehog H17 Derrington Out during day R.I.P
5/6/18 Fledgling DunnockB48 Hednesford Found on ground R.I.P
5/6/18 Long tailed tit B47 Island vet Leg injury R.I.P
5/6/18 Young Crow B46 Island vets Client took in Released
3/6/18 Fledgling Crow B45 Isabella trail Found on ground not using legs No improvement Euthanised
3/6/18 Fledgling Crow B44 Stoke Weak legs No improvement Euthanised
2/6/18 2x Fledgling blackbirds B42/3 Uttoxeter Cat attack 1R.I.P 1 Released
1/6/18 Yound magpie B41 Stafford Poss conclusion Released
1/6/18 F hedgehog 451g H16 Houghton via Anne Under weight Released (612g)
29/5/18 Nestling blackbird B40 Stafford Cat brought in R.I.P
29/5/18 Young Magpie B39 Stoke Out on grass Released
29/5/18 M hedgehog H15 502g Silkmore Out during day Released now 912g
28/5/18 F hedgehog H15a 320g Rising brook Out during day R.I.P
28/5/18 Young Starling B38 Hixson Cat attack wing injury Released
26/5/18 Nestling pigeon B37 Stafford Found in garden Released
25/5/18 Young magpie B36 Doxey Found in Road R.I.P
25/5/18 Mallard Duckling B35 Stafford Found in drive Passed to Cuan rescue
25/5/18 Fledgling Robin B34 Acton Trussel Brought in by cat Released
24/5/18 Nestling BlackbirdB33 Hixson Found on drive Euthanised hip displacia
24/5/18 M Hedgehog 297g H14 Eccleshall Out during day R.I.P
23/5/18 Hatchling Blackbird B32 Kings Bromley Found on ground R.I.P
23/5/18 Blackbird B31 Kingston hill Magpie attack R.I.P
23/5/18 Hatchling Sparrow B30 Island Vets Found on ground Released
23/5/18 F Blackbird B29 Hilcroft Park Not flying Released
21/5/18 Fledgling Thrush B28a Burston Mom not returning to feed Released
20/5/18 Young Dove B28 Island vets Wing injury Released
20/5/18 Baby Magpie B27 Fulford Broken leg Released
20/5/18 Starling B26 Great Bridgeford Dog attack, neck injury R.I.P
17/5/18 Blackbird B25a Stafford Not flying Released
16/5/18 B’ham Tumbler pigeon B25 Featherstone Weak and thin R.I.P
16/5/18 Pigeon B24 Stafford In aviary not flying Released
15/5/18 M Hedgehog H12 462g Rickerscote Bad worm infestation R.I.P
15/5/18 Fledgling Starling Burntwood Found in road Released
12/5/18 M Hedgehog H11 543g Derrington Out during day,ticks R.I.P
12/5/18 M Hedgehog H10 Stone Broken lower jaw R.I.P
11/5/18 Hedgehog H9 349g Weeping cross Being treated for worm infestation Released 701g
10/5/18 Fledgling Sparrow B22 Stafford Fell from roof neck injury R.I.P
8/5/18 M Hedgehog 337g H8 Baswich Out during day R.I.P
8/5/18 Seagull B21 Stafford Badly broken wing Euthanised
8/5/18 Blackbird B20 Acton Trussel Cat attack R.I.P
7/5/18 Hatchling Sparrow B19 Woodseves Found in garden R.I.P
5/5/18 Nestling Magpie B18 Burton manor Foung by road R.I.P(CH)
7/5/18 Hatchling Sparrow B17 Sutton Coldfield Found on grass Released
5/5/18 Fledgeling Crow B16 Brownhills No parents feeding Released
5/5/18 Sparrow B15 Heath Hayes Cat attack R.I.P
5/5/18 Hedgehog H7 Stone Caught in electric fence Released
3/5/18 Hedgehog H6 383g Rushall Lungworm Released
2/5/18 Hedgehog H5 Weston Bad worm infestation R.I.P
2/5/18 Dunnock B14 Stafford Head trauma Released
30/4/18 Hedgehog H4 Wildwood Bad worm infestation R.I.P
29/4/18 Robin nestling x6 B13 Wildwood Lost parent fed worms R.I.P
29/4/18 Robin Fledgling B12 Norton Canes Cat attack R.I.P
21/3/18 Starling B11 Wheaton Aston Cat attack R.I.P
21/3/18 Rook B10 Doxey Eye injuries Vet Euthanised
20/3/18 Water Rail B9 Rugeley Concussion R.I.P
20/3/18 M Hedgehog 341g H2 Stafford Worm Infestation Released
13/3/18 Baby Rabbit R1 Pets at home Very Sleepy R.I.P
9/3/18 Pigeon B8 Homecroft RTA Released
9/2/18 M Hedgehog 386g H1 Burston Underweight Released 846gg
6/3/18 Crow B7 Cannock Stress feathers and eye injury Released
17/2/18 Blackbird B6 Derrington Found by road R.I.P
9/2/18 Ferrel Pigeon B5 Stafford Covered in grease Released
4/2/18 Fledge collard dove B4 Coton fields Cat attack Released
29/1/18 Pigeon B3 Stafford Not using one wing Released
21/1/18 Rook B2 Draycot Tip of beak broken and thin Released
9/1/18 Pigeon B1 Cannock Found on road Released
18/12/17 Hedgehog 320g WH57 Yarnfield Under weight Released now 778g(W)
17/12/17 Hedgehog 219g WH56 Wildwood Under weight ReleasedW)
17/12/17 M Hedgehog 409g WH55 Eccleshall Under weight Released now 744g(W)
14/12/17 F Hedgehog WH54 341g(Rosie) Weeping Cross Puncture wounds to back Released now 749g(W)
9/12/17 Dove WB143 Stafford Split Crop Euthanised(W)
3/12/17 M Hedgehog 194g WH53 Gnosall Out during the day R.I.P
3/12/17 F Hedgehog 338gWH52 Stafford Dog brought in Released 964g(W)
1/12/17 F Hedgehog 364g WH51 Penkridge Out during the day R.i.p (W)
27/11/17 F Hedgehog 210g WH50 Gnosall Out during the day Releasd now 1085g(W)
21/11/17 White dove WB142 Brewood Not flying Released (W)
20/11/17 F Hedgehog 306g WH49 Walton on the hill Out during the day R.I.P(W)
17/11/17 F Hedgehog 300g WH48 Stafford Out during the day R.I.P(W)
13/11/17 F Hedgehog 326g WH47 Albrighton Found in workmens trench Released now 713g(W)
10/11/17 Young Pigeon WB141 Stafford No tail feathers Released(W)
9/11/17 Hedgehog 305g WH46 Rising Brook Out during the day R.I.P(W)
5/11/17 Pigeon WB140 Wolverhampton Not flying cannot use one wing euthanised (W)
4/11/17 F Hedgehog 428g WH45 Stone Out during the day Released now 915g(W)
2/11/17 Pigeon WB139 Stafford Cat attack Released(W)
30/10/17 Collared dove WB138 Stafford Cat attack R.I.P(W)
29/10/17 Crow WB137 Willenhall Not Flying Released(W)
28/10/17 Hedgehog 250g WH44 Penkridge Out during day Released 742g (D)
28/10/17 Hedgehog WH43 Stoke Underweight Released 685g (D)
28/10/17 4 Hedgehogs WH42 Haughton Underweight Released now 820,780,766,721g(W)
19/10/17 Young F hog 124g WH41 Stafford Out during day,limp R.I.P(W)
19/10/17 Pigeon WB136 Burton manor Cat attack Released(W)
16/10/17 Pigeon WB135a via Bethen – Silkmore Cat attack Released(W)
16/10/17 2 x young Pigeons WB135 Gnosall Advanced Canker Released(W)
16/10/17 Hedgehog WH40 Wednesfield Fly blown R.I.P(W)
15/10/17 Hedgehog 270g WH39 Handsacre Out during day R.I.P(W)
14/10/17 2x hedgehogs R235g P215g WH38 Stoke Out during day Released 820&742g(W)
13/10/17 Hedgehog (348g) WH37 Stonefield park Out during day R.I.P(W)
13/10/17 Hedgehog WH36 Stafford Puncture wound from dog R.I.P(W)
11/10/17 Pigeon WB134 Cannock Neck/eye injury R.I.P(W)
9/10/17 Pigeon WB133 Cannock Advanced Canker R.I.P(W)
8/10/17 Hedgehog 263g WH35 Cannock Out during day R.I.P(W)
7/10/17 F Hedgehog 786g WH34 Tamworth In for observation Released 795g(W)
6/10/17 Young Pigeon WB140 Huntington Found on ground R.I.P(W)
6/10/17 Pigeon WB139 Burntwood Not flying Released(W)
6/10/17 Pigeon WB138 Rowley Park Not flying released(W)
3/10/17 M Hedgehog WH33 Eastlands Out during day R.I.P(W)
3/10/17 Pigeon WB137 Coton fields Canker not flying R.I.P(W)
1/10/17 Nestling Pigeon WB136 Stafford Castle Fell from nest Released(W)
1/10/17 M Hedgehog 491g WH32 Stafford Cold,Wobbly R.I.P(W)
1/10/17 F Hedgehog 621g WH31 Rugely Found in road lump on face R.I.P(W)
30/9/17 Young F hedgehog WH30 287g Walton Out during day R.I.P(W)
25/9/17 Hedgehog 246g WH29 Penkridge Ticks,Fleas,Lung + round worm Released 540g(W)
25/9/17 Pigeon WB135 Rising brook Not standing R.I.P(W)
25/9/17 Baby mouse Wm1 Great Haywood Found in garden R.I.P(W)
24/9/17 Pigeon WB134 Acton Trussel Bleeding from mouth Released(W)
24/9/17 Hedgehog WH28 Uttoxeter Fly strike R.I.P(W)
23/9/17 Pigeon WB133 Wolverhampton Not flying R.I.P(W)
22/9/17 F Hedgehog 402g WH27 My Garden Lung/round worm R.I.P(W)
17/9/17 Nestling Pigeon WB132 Cold Meece Leg injury Released
17/9/17 Dove WB131 Beaconside Canker R.I.P(W)
17/9/17 Pigeon WB130 Highfields Cat attack R.I.P(W)
2/9/17 Nestling Pigeon WB129 Milford Found on ground Releasd(W)
2/9/17 Young Pigeon WB128 Newport Not flying Released(W)
2/9/17 M Hedgehog H25 Horton Wheezy Released(W)
1/9/17 Swallow WB127 Armitage Wing injury R.I.P(C)
31/8/17 Collered Dove WB126 Featherstone Eye injury R.I.P(W)
30/8/17 Fledgling Pigeon WB125a Gnosall Found on ground Released(C)
29/8/17 Young Pigeon WB124a via Rachel RTA Euthanised(W)
27/8/17 Hedgehog H24 Rising brook Out during day R.I.P(W)
27/8/17 M Hedgehog H23 423g Stoke Ear and back puncture wounds Released 1012g(W)
24/8/17 Young Pigeon WB125 Stafford Not flying Released(W)
23/8/17 Collard Dove WB124 Wednesfields Tail feathers missing Released(W)
22/8/17 Housemartin WB123 Gnosall Broken wing Euthanised(W)
22/8/17 Pigeon WB122 Hednesford via Angie Eye injury Released(W)
21/8/17 Young Pigeon WB121 Stafford Found in road R.I.P(W)
20/8/17 Hedgehog H22 Handsacre Flyblown,weak R.I.P(W)
20/8/17 2 x hedgehogs 120g,124g H20+21 Newport Out during day Released now 611 + 643g(A)
19/8/17 Young sparrow WB120 Stafford Cat attack R.I.P(W)
18/8/17 3 x Housemartin WB119 Cheslyn hay Nest broke 2 Released 1 R.I.P(Ch)
17/8/17 Pigeon WB118 Gnosall Chest laceration Released(W)
17/8/17 Young Pigeon WB117 Rickerscote Broken wing Euthanised (W)
31/7/17 Young Pigeon WB116 Cannock Cat Attack Released(W)
31/7/17 Young Pigeon WB115 Sutton Coldfield In for release Released(W)
13/8/17 Hedgehog WH19 Walton on the hill Lungworms flyblown R.I.P(W)
12/8/17 Young Pigeon WB114 Stafford Dog Attack Released(W)
11/8/17 Collard Dove WB113 Stafford Cat attack R.I.P(W)
8/8/17 Pigeon WB112 Rugely Not flying R.I.P(W)
6/8/17 Fledgling Dunnock WB111 Perton Found in road R.I.P(W)
2/8/17 Fledgling Blackbird WB110 Hednesford Cat attack Released(W)
1/8/17 Blackbird WB109 Penn Broken wing Euthanised(W)
31/7/17 Young Pigeon WB108 Stone Not flying Released(W)
31/7/17 F Hedgehog 237g H18 Derrington Out during day Released(A)
31/7/17 House Martin WB107 Sarah’s mom Fell from nest Released(W)
26/7/17 Fledgling Blackbird WB106 Pendeford Cat attack Released(W)
26/7/17 Nestling Sparrow WB105 Great Wyrley Fell from nest R.I.P(W)
25/7/17 Nestling Housemartin WB104 Yarnfield Fell from nest Released (ch)
22/7/17 2 x fledgling Sparrow WB103 Cannock Cat attack 1 broken wing R.I.P(W)
22/7/17 Young Sparrow WB102 Burntwood Cat attack badly injured wing R.I.P(W)
20/7/17 Blue tit WB101 Springslade lodge Found on ground R.I.P(W)
17/7/17 F Hedgehog 98g H17 Kingston hill Out during day R.I.P(W)
16/7/17 Collard dove WB100 Church Eaton Cat attack Released(W)
16/7/17 Housemartin WB99 Stafford Found on ground Released(CH)
15/7/17 Nestling pigeon WB89a Linda’s niece Tree cut down R.I.P(W)
14/7/17 Collard dove WB98 Silkmore Cat attack Released(W)
13/7/17 blackbird WB97 Stafford Broken wing and leg Euthanised (W)
13/7/17 Young Crow WB96 Stoke Stress feathers Rehomed(W)
13/7/17 Fledging blackbird WB95 Cannock Lying on side Euthanised (W)
12/7/17 Starling WB94 Coven No balance Released(W)
12/7/17 Partridge WB93 Rugely Attacked found in garden R.I.P(W)
12/7/17 Hedgehog H16 Stafford OUt during day R.I.P (W)
11/7/17 blackbird WB92 Church Easton Broken wing Euthanised (W)
10/7/17 Fledgling RobinWB91 Cannock Ruptured air sacks R.I.P
9/7/17 Fledgling blackbird WB90 Walsall Injured foot cat attack R.I.P
9/7/17 blackbird WB89a Hednesford Broken wing Euthanised (W)
8/7/17 Fledgling blackbird WB89 Horton Found in garden Released(W)
8/7/17 Nestling Pigeon WB88 Cheadle REscues from cat Released(W)
8/7/17 Nestling Swallow WB86 Stone Fell from nest R.I.P(W)
8/7/17 2x Fledgling Dunnocks WB86 Ranton Found in road R.I.P(W)
7/7/17 M Hedgehog (148g) WH15 Stafford Found in garden Released (650g)(CL)
1/7/17 2x Nestling Pigeons WB85 Island vets Stafford Found by client R.I.P (W)
1/7/17 Nestling pigeon WB84 Gnosall Canker R.I.P (W)
28/6/17 Young Crow WB83 Rugely Weak and Wet R.I.P(W)
28/6/17 Fledgling Swallow WB82 Pelsall Found on stable yard R.I.P(W)
27/6/17 Fledgling Pigeon WB81 Wolverhampton Found on ground Released(W)
27/6/17 Fledgling Robin WB80 Wednesfield Found in garden Released (W)
26/6/17 Fledgling Goldfinch WB79 Bishops Wood Found in bucket Released(C)
26/6/17 Nestling Blackbird WB78 Hednesford Found on field R.I.P(W)
26/6/17 Fledgling Dunnock WB77 Tamworth CAt attack R.I.P(W)
25/6/17 Young Hedgehog 143g WH14 Sutton Found in garden Released(W)
25/6/17 Fledgling Blackbird WB76 Rising Brook Found on ground Released(W)
24/6/17 young Seagull WB75 Caven vets willenhall Client brought in Released (W)
21/6/17 Nestling Seagull WB74 Brierly Hill Found on ground Released(W)
21/6/17 Nestling Pigeon WB73 Burntwood Fell from nest wing injury Released(W)
20/6/17 Young Blackbird WB72 Burntwood Air sacks ruptured R.I.P
19/6/17 Young Pigeon WB71 Hednesford Flew into window Released(W)
19/6/17 Fledgling Seagull WB70 Four ashes WAlked into works unit Released(W)
19/6/17 Young Robin WB68 Found in garden Centre Leg Injury Released(W)
19/6/17 Pigeon squab WB67a Stafford Found in garden Released(W)
18/6/17 Fledgling Starling WB67 Stafford Found in garden Released(C)
18/6/17 Pigeon WB66 Rickerscote WIng Injury Released(W)
16/6/17 Fledgling Blackbird WB65 Hammerwich Found in garden Released (C)
14/6/17 Young Coot WB64 Doxey Leg Injury R.I.P
14/6/17 Pigeon WB63 Upper Teen Found in road Released(W)
14/6/17 M Hedgehog WH13 Stafford Found in road R.I.P(W)
14/6/17 Nestling Sparrow WB62 Stafford Found in road R.I.P
13/6/17 Fledgling Pigeon WB61 Stafford Found in garden Released(W)
13/6/17 2x Nestling Jackdaws WB60 Church Easton Tree cut down with nest in Released(W)
13/6/17 Jackdaw WB59 Kidderminster In for release Released(W)
12/6/17 2 x Robin fledglings WB58 Gnosall Cat brought in 1 R.I.P 1 Released(W)
12/6/17 2x Nestling House Martins WB57 ? Nest Broke Released (W)
12/6/17 Jouvenile Woodpecker WB45 Newport Flew into window Euthanised(W)
12/6/17 Jouvenile Jackdaw WB56 Stafford Nest fell down chimney Released(W)
11/6/17 Female Hedgehog WH12 Stafford Wobbly Released(W)
10/6/17 Collard Dove WB55 Stafford Broken Wing Euthanised(W)
10/6/17 Pigeon WB54 Stafford Crop problem R.I.P(W)
10/6/17 Jouvenile Jackdaw WB53 Stone Found on ground,thin Released (W)
10/6/17 Fledgling Blackbird WB52 Cannock Found on ground Released(C)
10/6/17 Fledgling pigeon WB51 Stafford Found on ground Released(W)
10/6/17 Hoglett H11 Leigh Out on its own R.I.P(W)
9/6/17 M Hedgehog H10 Wheaton Aston Lethargic Out during day R.I.P(W)
8/6/17 M Hedgehog H9 church Eaton Out during day Released(W)
8/6/17 Nestling Pigeon WB50 Stafford Attacked Euthanised(W)
8/6/17 Jouvenile Blackbird WB49 Stafford RTA Euthanised(W)
7/6/17 Fledgling Starling WB48 Stafford Magpie attack R.I.P(W)
6/6/17 Fledgling Crow WB47 Stone Dog attack Released (W)
5/6/17 Nestling Blackbird WB46 Great Haywood Cat attack Released(W)
4/6/17 Jouvenile Woodpecker WB45 Newport Flew into window Euthanised(W)
3/6/17 Fledgling Bluetit WB44 Stafford Found in garden Released(CH)
3/6/17 Jouvenile Blackbird WB43 Stafford Crow attack R.I.P(W)
1/6/17 Jouvenile Magpie WB42 Cannock Found in garden Released (SH)
1/6/17 Pheasant WB41 Cannock RTA R.I.P(W)
1/6/17 Fledgling Blackbird WB40 Newport Cat attack R.I.P(W)
29/5/17 M Hedgehog H8 Stafford Lethargic Released(W)
29/5/17 Sparrow WB39 Stafford RTA R.I.P(W)
28/5/17 Jouvenile Starling WB38 Wolverhampton Cat attack Released(W)
25/5/17 Fledgling Bluetit WB37 Castlefields Found in garden Released(CH)
24/5/17 Hatchling Sparrow WB36 Newport Fell from nest R.I.P(W)
23/5/17 Blackbird WB35 Bilston Cat attack R.I.P(W)
23/5/17 Fledgling Blackbird WB34 Brewood Magpie attack R.I.P(W)
23/5/17 Fledgling Thrush WB33 Newport Cat attack Eurhanised, Bone problems(W)
20/5/17 M Hedgehog H7 Uttoxeter Out during day R.I.P(W)
19/5/17 Fledgling Bluetit WB31 Brewood Cat attack R.I.P(W)
19/5/17 Juvenile Blackbird WB31 Hednesford Cat attack R.I.P(W)
18/5/17 Nestling Gt Tit WB30 Tenpin stafford Found in air con R.I.P(W)
18/5/17 Coal tit WB29 Island vets Found on ground Released(W)
18/5/17 Nestling GT Tit WB28 Eccleshall Found on ground Released(W)
16/5/17 Fledgling Thrush WB27 Stafford Cat attack Released(W)
15/5/17 Fledgling Blackbird WB26 Stafford Cat attack R.I.P(W)
14/5/17 Collard Dove WB24 Rickerscote Head Impact R.I.P(Ch)
14/5/17 Pigeon WB25 Penkridge Badly broken wing Euthanised(W)
13/5/17 Fledgling Dunnock WB23 Island vets Found on ground R.I.P(W)
12/5/17 Fladgling Robin WB21 Rising Brook Cat attack Released(CH)
10/5/17 M Hedgehog WH6 Acton Trussel Out during day R.I.P(W)
7/5/17 Fladgling Wagtail WB20 Stone Children found with it R.I.P(W)
7/5/17 Fledgling Starling WB19 Weston Downs Cat attack R.I.P(W)
5/5/17 Duckling WB18a Rising Brook Separated from mom Released(D)
5/5/17 Nestling Magpie WB18 Oaken Found in paddock Released (SH)
3/5/17 F Hedgehog H5 Little Haywood Breathing Problems Released(W)
2/5/17 Hedgehog H4 Uttoxeter Holes in back and infected Vet euthanised(W)
2/5/17 M Hedgehog H3 Rising Brook Abcess Released(W)
1/5/17 Nestling Dunnock WB17 Stafford Cat attack Released(D)
30/4/17 Bill and Ben S1&2 Baydon hall Found on ground Released(Ch)
29/4/17 Nestling greenfinch WB16 Cannock Found on car Released(W)
28/4/17 Nestling Blackbird WB15 Lichfield Cat attack Released(W)
27/4/17 Fledgeling Blackbird WB14a Billbrook Magpie attack Released(W)
24/4/17 Sparrow fledglingWB15 Walton Cat attack Released(Ch)
24/4/17 Collered dove WB14 Tixel Not flying Released(w)
23/4/17 Blackbird Fledgeling WB13 Stafford Leg injury R.I.P(W)
22/4/17 Pigeon WB12 Wolverhampton(via Deb) Wing injury R.I.P(W)
22/4/17 Pigeon WB11 Stafford Hole in back R.I.P(W)
22/4/17 Nestling Robin WB10 Stafford Cat attack R.I.P(W)
22/4/17 Nestling Blackbird WB9 Cannock Cat attack Released(W)
18/4/17 Blackbird WB8 Gnosall Legs Paralised R.I.P(W)
14/4/17 3 x Baby Rabbits R 3,4,5 Via Chris Dug up on building site 1R.I.P 2 Released(W)
14/4/17 Young Rabbit R2 Island vets Cat attack R.I.P(W)
14/4/17 Rabbit R1 Wrexham RTA head injury Released(W)
18/3/17 Female Blackbird WB6 Weston Cat attack Released(W)
15/1/17 Dove WB5 Via Yvonne Fledgling Released(W)
31/1/17 Hedgehog 800g WH2 Stafford loosing weight Released (870g)(W)
20/1/17 Hedgehog 354g WH1 Stone Underweight, worm infestation Released(933g)(W)
15/1/17 Dove WB4 Church Eaton Fledgling Released(W)
13/1/17 Lovebird WB3 Wolverhampton Left in clients porch Rehomed(W)
11/1/17 Seagull WB2 Longdon Not flying Released(W)
8/1/17 Ferrel Pigeon WB1 New Cross Lethargic R.I.P(W)
28/12/16 M Hedgehog WH88 271g Horton Small dehydrated, worms R.I.P(W)
20/12/16 Hedgehog WH87 517g Baswich Lung Worm Released 892g(W)
18/12/16 Robin WB121 Stafford Broken lower beak R.I.P(W)
11/12/16 Hedgehog 339g WH86 Newport Broken leg with abscess R.I.P(W)
8/12/16 Magpie WB121 West Way Not flying R.I.P(W)
24/11/16 Pigeon WB120 Rising brook No tail feathers R.I.P(W)
21/11/16 Hedgehog WH85 360g Gt. Haywood Small Released(W)
21/11/16 White Dove WB119 Wolverhampton Tail feathers missing Released(Sh)
20/11/16 Crow WB118 Cannock Cut on back R.I.P(W)
20/11/16 Magpie WB117 Hednesford Badly broken wing Euthanised(W)
19/11/16 M Hedgehog 324g WH84 Handsacre Small Released now 806g(W)
18/11/16 M Hedgehog 185g WH83 Via Rachel Small R.I.P(W)
5/11/16 Fancy Pigeon WB116 Wolverhampton Infection Euthanised(W)
5/11/16 Hedgehog WH82 277g Stafford Small Released now 946g(W)
5/11/16 M Hedgehog 212g WH81 Wolverhampton Small and limp R.I.P(W)
3/11/16 Hedgehog 346gWH80 Eccleshall Small Released now 802g(W)
2/11/16 Hedgehog (WH79) 284g Hixson Small Released 896g(W)
26/10/16 Young Pigeon WB115 Rickerscote Lost feathers not flying Euthanised(W)
24/10/16 M Hedgehog(68g)WH78 Rising Brook Cold, Fly strike Released now 988g(A)
24/10/16 Hedgehog WH77 343g Acton Trussel Fly Strike, Weak R.I.P(W)
24/10/16 Hedgehog (293g)WH76 Rising Brook via Rachel’s mom Hole in back Released 610g(W)
21/10/16 Young Pigeon WB114 Wednesbury Weak and Thin R.I.P(W)
21/10/16 Hedgehog(311g)WH75 Penkridge Small Released(CH)
18/10/16 Hedgehog WH74 Via Chris (Cannock) Found in garden Released(Den)
18/10/16 Young Pigeon WB113 Heath Hayes Flew into window Released(W)
18/10/16 Young Pigeon WB112 Silkmore Flew into window Released(W)
18/10/16 Hedgehog(325g)MH73 Eastlands Found in road Released 704g(SH)
17/10/16 2 x Hedgehog 253/R280g(WH71/72) Penkridge Under weight for time of year Released now677g/R678g(W)
17/10/16 M Hedgehog(WH70) Littleworth Under weight for time of year R.I.P(259g)(W)
16/10/16 Young Pigeon Wildwood Broken Shoulder Euthanised(W)
14/10/16 Young vole Stafford Found in garden R.I.P(W)
10/10/16 F Hedgehog138g(WH69) Newport Under weight for time of year Released(W)
9/10/16 Fledgling Pigeon(WB111) Eccleshall Found on ground Released(W)
7/10/16 M Hedgehog 200g(WH68) Baswich Walked through corrosive substance seen vet R.I.P(W)
5/10/16 M Hedgehog 169g(WH67) Newcastle Out during day Realeased now803g(CF)
2/10/16 Hedgehog(WH66) Silkmore Flyblow, lifeless R.I.P
28/9/16 Pigeon(WB108) Lichfield Wing injury not flying R.I.P
25/9/16 Young Pigeon(WB109) Cannock Found on ground Released(W)
25/9/16 F Hedgehog(WH65) Barnes road Stafford Found in road R.I.P
25/9/16 M Hedgehog260g(WH64) Beaconside Out during day Released 693g (W)
22/9/16 Young Pigeon(WB109) Moss Pit Wing Injury Released(W)
21/9/16 F Hedgehog368g (WH63) Brookglen Stafford Found cold on grass Released 719g(W)
20/9/16 Nestling Pigeon(WB108)(Burt) Halesowen Magpie attack with injuries Released(W)
19/9/16 M hedgehog (134g)(WH62) Walton-on-the-hill Found curled by road during day Released(804)
18/9/16 Hedgehog(WH61) Stafford Strimmer accident Vet Euthanised
3/9/16 M Hedgehog(259g)(WH60) Baswich via Anne Out during day Released(731g(A)
29/8/16 Ferrel Pigeon(WB107) Newcastle Badly broken leg Euthanised
27/8/16 Hedgehog 259g(WH59) Holmcroft Out during day bad worm infestation R.I.P(W)
25/8/16 Young Sparrow(WB105) Gnosall Fell from nest R.I.P
22/8/16 Young pigeon(WB104) Kidsgrove Nest Broke Released(W)
22/8/16 Young Sparrow(WB103) Burntwood Cat attack R.I.P
21/8/16 Fred Rising Brook R.T.A Released
21/8/16 M Hedgehog (WB58A) Etching Hill Lungworm Released(W)
21/8/16 M Hedgehog(WH58) Weston Downs Out during Day Released(W)
21/8/16 Pigeon(WB103) Newcastle Magpie attack Released(W)
21/8/16 Nestling Goldfinch(WB102) Northampton Found on ground R.I.P(CH)
20/8/16 F Hedgehog(WH57) Coldmece Ticks and Worms R.I.P
20/8/16 F Hedgehog(WH56) Rickerscote Out During Day R.I.P
20/8/16 F Hedgehog(WH55) Tittensor Out during day, cold R.I.P
19/8/16 Hedgehog(WH54) ? Leg amputated, complications Vet Euthanised(W)
19/8/16 Hedgehog(WH53) Walton on the hill Out during day R.I.P
18/8/16 Bullfinch(WB101 Stoke In for release Released(W)
16/8/16 Ferrel Pigeon(WB100) Walsall RTA R.I.P(W)
15/8/16 Blackcap(WB99) Rugely Flew in window Checked and released
15/8/16 M Hedgehog 191g(WH52) Wildwood Strimmer accident and broken leg Vet euthanised(W)
14/8/16 Vole Weston Downs Cat attack R.I.P(Den)
13/8/16 F Hedgehog 197g(WH51) Bucknall Out during day Released(CH)
13/8/16 Hedgehog(WH50a) Stone Lifeless and dehydrated R.I.P
13/8/16 Hedgehog(WH50) Wildwood Round worm and lung worm R.I.P(W)
11/8/16 F Hedgehog(WH49) Wheaton Aston Bad worm infestation Released(W)
15/8/16 Blackcap(WB99) Rudely Flew in window Checked and released
11/8/16 Young Ferrel Pigeon(WB98) Stafford Cinema Found on front door Released(W)
8/8/16 Chiff Chaff(WB97) Telford Found on ground R.I.P(W)
8/8/16 Dunnock(WB96) Tixal Found on ground R.I.P(W)
7/8/16 Fledgling Pigeon(WB95)) Seighford Fly Blown hole under wing Euthanised(W)
7/8/16 Nestling Pigeon(WB94) Gnosall Nest taken down R.I.P(CH)
4/8/16 F Hedgehog (254g)(WH48) Coton Fields Worm infestation being treated R.I.P(W)
4/8/16 F Hedgehog(319g)(WH47) Wheeping Cross Out during day,Ticks Released(687g)(W)
1/8/16 Hedgehog529g(WH46) Wheeping Cross Out during Day R.I.P(W)
1/8/16 Pigeon(WB93) Island vet Taken in by client Released(W)
1/8/16 Nestling Pigeons(WB91+2) Coven Found on footpath R.I.P(W)
1/8/16 M Hedgehog197g(DH1) Weston Cayrey Out during day Released(Den)
31/7/16 Hedgehog(WH45) The Meadows Stafford Out during day Released(Den)
31/7/16 Hedgehog 452g(WH44) Penkridge Out during Day mouth abscess R.I.P)(W)
31/7/16 F Hedgehog(WH43) Four Oaks Found on road Nose bleeding Released(W)
31/7/16 Blackbird(WB90) Bloxwick Magpie attack R.I.P(W)
30/7/16 Blackbird(WB42a) Via island vet Concussion Released(W)
29/7/16 M Hedgehog 257g(WH42) Rugely Out During day Released(Den)
29/7/16 Fledgling Goldfinch(WB89a) Island vet Found in garden Released(CHW)
29/7/16 Sparrow (WB89) Burton Manor Cat attack Released(CHW)
29/7/16 Pigeon(WB88) Sandon road Hawk attack Euthanised(W)
24/7/16 F Hedgehog466g(WH42) Via Jo and Ken Out During Day R.I.P(W)
23/7/16 Swift(WB88) Silkmore Grounded R.I.P(W)
22/7/16 Robin fledgling(WB87) Doxey Poss heat exaustion R.I.P(W)
20/7/16 Nestling Sparrow(WB86) Rugely Cat attack R.I.P(W)
19/7/16 m Hedgehog(WH42) Stone Out during day sibling to WH41 R.I.P(D)
19/6/16 Nestling Blackbird(WB85) Stoke Cat attack Released(CHW)
18/7/16 Hetchling Sparrow(WB84) Rugely Fell from nest Released(CHW
18/7/16 Goldfinch(WB83) Burton Manor Found on ground Released(D)
17/7/16 2 Hedgehogs(WH40 &41)(97&88g) Stone Out during day R.I.P(D)
16/7/16 Hedgehog(WH39) Rugely Out During Day R.I.P(W)
16/7/16 Pigeon(WB82) Child’s Ercall Hawked bad head injury Euthanised(W)
16/7/16 Pigeon(WB81) Wildwood Found in garden Released(W)
16/7/16 F Hedgehog(WH38) Island vets Out during day R.I.P(W)
16/7/16 F Hedgehog(WH37) Wildwood Out During day Released(658g)(W)
16/7/16 House Martin(WB80) Rugely Broken Wing Euthanised(W)
16/7/16 Great tit(WB79) Stoke Foot Injury Cat attack R.I.P(W)
15/7/16 Crow(WB78) Stoke Found be road not using legs R.I.P(W)
15/7/16 M Hedgehog(93g)(WH36) Norbury Fly Strike,Fleas and weak Released(CH)
14/7/16 M Hedgehog 107g(WH35) Brewood Out during day, circling Gone to safe garden(CH)
13/7/16 F Hedgehog (553g)(WH34) Silkmore Out during day lethargic R.I.P (W)
13/7/16 Young Sparrow(WB77) Rugely Cat attack Released(W)
13/9/16 Nestling Blackbird(WB76) Gnosall Cat attack bad head injury Released (CH)
12/7/16 Young Blackbird(WB75) Horton Found on the road Released(W)
11/7/16 M Hedgehog 156g (WH33) My Garden Out during day Released(W)873g
10/7/16 M Hedgehog 111g (WH32) Little Haywood Out during day R.I.P(A)
9/7/16 F Hedgehog377g (WH31) Island vets Blind with swelling Homed in safe garden(Den)
8/7/16 M Hedgehog 194g(WH30)) Penkridge Out during day Released(now 516g)(Den)
8/7/16 M Hedgehog(WH29) Queensville Went in house during day Released(W)
6/7/16 M Hedgehog 90g(WH28) Stafford Found on road Released 510g(H)
6/7/16 F Hedgehog(WH27) Hednesford Lungworm Released(W)
6/7/16 Nestling Sparrow(WB74) Stone Brought in by cat R.I.P(W)
5/7/16 Fledgling Sparrow(WB73) Stafford Found in garden Released(CH)
4/7/16 Collard Dove(WB72) Via Charlotte Shoulder broken Euthanised(W)
3/7/16 Sparrow fledgling(WB71) Via Helen Found in garden Released (CH)
29/6/16 4x Housemartin nestlings(WB71) Abbots Bromley Nest Broke 3 Released 1 R.i.p(CH)
29/6/16 Nuthatch(WB70) Edgebaston Wing Broken Euthanised(W)
29/6/16 Young Goldfinch(WB69) Pets at Home Stafford Taken in by Customer Released(W)
29/6/16 Pigeon nestling(WB68) Rugely Cat attack R.I.P(W)
28/6/16 Blackbird Fledgling (WB67) Coven Magpie attack R.I.P(W)
27/6/16 M Hedgehog 532g(WH26) Meadow Croft Out during day Released(W)
26/6/16 Young Blackbird(WB65) Wildwood Dog attack no tail feathers Released(W)
26/6/16 Robin Fledgling(wb64) Rising brook Cat attack R.I.P (W)
25/6/16 Robin Fledgling(WB63) Rising brook Cat attack R.I.P(W)
24/6/16 Hoglett (80g)WH25 Stafford Found in garden Released 640g(H)
23/6/16 Blackbird fledgling (WB62) Stoke Cat brought in Released(W)
23/6/16 Young Pigeon(WB61) Stoke Found in garden Released(W)
21/6/16 M Hedgehog(WH23) Burntwood via Helen Worm infestation Released(W)
21/6/16 Dunnock nestling(WB60) Stafford Cat attack Released(W)
20/6/16 Blackbird nestling(WB59) Cradley Heath Cat attack R.i.p
19/6/16 M Hedgehog(WH22)453g Hixson Out during day wobbly R.I.P
19/6/16 Swallow nestling(WB58) Huntington Fell from nest Released(CH)
19/6/16 M Hedgehog(WH21) Newcastle Out during day, Cold R.I.P
19/6/16 Young Starling(WB57) Stoke Bad concussion Released(W)
18/6/16 6 x Mallard ducklings Stafford Seperated from mom Released(W)
17/6/16 Great tit(WB55) Wolverhampton Cat attack R.I.P(W)
17/6/16 Great tit(wb54) Stafford Found in road R.I.P(W)
16/6/16 Warbler(WB53) Newport Found on patio falling over Euthanised(W)
14/6/16 Crow WB52 Stoke Not flying R.I.P (W)
13/6/16 F Hedgehog(WH19)872g Dunstone Out during day fit and well Returned and released(W)
13/6/16 House Martin(WB51) Stafford Grounded Released(W)
13/6/16 2 x Goldfinch(WB50) Via Loise Found on drive Released(W)
13/6/16 Crow (WB49) Eccleshall Broken feathers released
13/6/16 Blackbird(WB48) Rising brook 1/2 wing missing Euthanised(W)
13/6/16 Pigeon(CB89) Dudley Damaged wing Euthanised(C)
13/6/16 Sparrow(CB88) pool house vet Lichfield Cat attack Released(C)
13/6/16 Sparrow(CB87) Cannock Cat attack R.I.P(C)
13/6/16 Blackbird (CB86) 387 vet Flew into window R.I.P(C)
12/6/16 Blackbird(CB85) Walsall Wood Cat attack R.I.P(C)
12/6/16 Duckling(CB84) Stafford Orphaned Releasd(W)
12/6/16 Blue tit Fledgeling(WB47) GT Hayward Left alone R.I.P(W)
11/6/16 M Pheasant(WB46) Cannock Chase Leg injury R.I.P(W)
11/6/16 Young Dunnock(WB45) Penkridge Found on path R.I.P(W)
10/6/16 F Hedgehog (WH18) Leek RTA swollen abdoman Released 721g(W)
10/6/16 Mallard Duckling(WB44) Stafford Lost mom Released(W)
10/6/16 3 x Baby hedgehogs(WH17) Penkridge Out during day All released(A)
10/6/16 Crow (CB83) Oldbury Leg injury R.I.P(C)
10/6/16 Sparrow(CB82) Norton Canes Fell down chimney Released(C)
10/6/16 Sparrow fledgling(CB81) 387 vet Found in road R.I.P(C)
9/6/16 Blackbird fledgling(CB80) Cannock Concussion R.I.P(C)
9/6/16 Pigeon (CB79) Wolverhampton Not flying Released(C)
9/6/16 Pigeon(CB78) Great Wyrley Damaged wing Released(C)
9/6/16 Hedgehog (WH16) Stoke Out during day blind Living in safe garden(W)
9/6/16 Magpie fledgling(CB77) Cannock No parents around Released(M)
8/6/16 Blackbird fledgling(CB76) Cannock No parents around Released(M)
8/6/16 Crow (CB75) Lichfield Not flying R.I.P(C)
8/6/16 Robin Fledgling(CB74) Burntwood Cat attack R.I.P(C)
8/6/16 Jackdaw(CB73) Birmingham Found in puddle R.I.P(C)
8/6/16 Hedgehog 873g CH16 Stafford Out during day Released(C)
6/6/16 Magpie Fledgling(WB43) Fordhouses Cat attack R.I.P(W)
5/6/16 3 Nestling Swallows (WB43) Barleston Nest Broke Released(W)
5/6/16 Young Blackbird(WB42) Hilderstone Cat attack Released(W)
5/616 Sparrow Fledgling WB41(W) Newport Cat attack Released(D)
5/6/16 5 x Fledgling Blue tits WB40(W) Stoke Nest box broke 3 R.I.P 2 Released(D)
4/6/16 F Hedgehog (340g)wh14 (W) Penkridge Out during day Released(A)now (732g)
3/6/16 3 x Dunnock fledglings Trentham Cat attack Released(W)
2/6/16 Hedgehog (WH13) Stoke Poss RTA in distress Vet Euthanised(W)
1/6/16 Magpie (WB42) Penkridge Poss concussion Euthanised(W)
31/5/16 Young Magpie(WB41) Island vet Bloxwich Wing Injury R.I.P(W)
31/5/16 F Mallard (WB40) Tamworth via Lyndsay Head neck and back Raw Released(W)
31/5/16 Pigeon(CB74) Great Barr Attacked R.I.P(C)
30/5/16 M Hedgehog 572g(WH12) Stone Out during day Released(W)
30/5/16 Dunnock Fledgling(WB40) Kidsgrove Cat attack Released(W)
30/5/16 M Hedgehog 450g(WH11) Eccleshall Out during day Released(740g)(W)
30/5/16 Pigeon(CB72) Burntwood Not flying Released(C)
30/5/16 Blackbird Fledgeling (CB71) Via Loise St George vet Taken in by client Released(C)
30/5/16 Crow Fledgling(CB70) Via Louise St George vets Taken in by client Released(C)
30/5/16 Blackbird Fledgling(CB69) Walsall Magpie attack R.I.P(C)
30/5/16 2 x Goldfinch nestling(CB68) Cannock Cat attack R.I.P (W)
30/5/16 Sparrow Hatchling(cb67) Cannock Found on ground R.I.P(W)
30/5/16 Pigeon (CB65) Burntwood Head Trauma DOA(C)
29/5/16 M Hedgehog 516g(WH10) Newcastle under Lyme Found in road R.I.P(W)
29/5/16 Blackbird (CB64) Great Wyrley Cat attack Released(W)
28/5/16 Pigeon Squab (CH63) Darlaston Cat attack Euthanised(C)
28/5/16 Starling (CB62) Walsall Cat attack Released(W)
27/5/16 Magpie Fledgling(WB39) wombourne Broken Wing Euthanised(W)
26/5/16 Great tit Fledgling(wb38) Rawnsley Cat attack R.I.P(W)
26/5/16 Hedgehog 571g(CH15) Cannock Found in ditch Released(C)
26/5/16 Hedgehog 571g (CH14) Bloxwich Leg infection R.I.P(C)
26/5/16 Blackbird (CB61) Huntington Cat attack R.I.P(C)
26/5/16 Magpie(WB10) Walsall Fell from tree Released(W)
25/5/16 Crow (CB60) Burntwood Found in road Released(C)
25/5/16 Hedgehog 672g (CH13) Hednesford Out during day R.I.P(C)
25/5/16 Dove (CB59> Wolverhampton Cat attack R.I.P(C)
24/5/16 Hedgehog (CH12) Walsall Found in drain R.I.P(C)
23/5/16 F Hedgehog 329g(WH9) Gnosall Out during day wobbly R.I.P(W)
23/5/16 Hedgehog 624g (CH11) Wolverhampton Out during Day R.I.P(C)
23/5/16 Magpie nestling(CB53) Hednesford Cat attack Released(R)
23/5/16 Hedgehog 568g(CH10) Wolverhampton Out during day Released(C)
22/5/16 F Hedgehog(CH8) Albrighton Out during day R.I.P(C)
22/5/16 F Hedgehog 499g(CH7) Rugely Out during Day Released(C)
22/5/16 Swift(CB57) Cheslyn Hay Not flying R.I.P(C)
22/5/16 Blackbird(CB56) via Louise Cat attack Released(W)
21/5/16 3x great tit nestling(wb36) Stone Parents not returned to nest box R.I.P(W)
21/5/16 Pigeon(CB55) Walsall Not self feeding Released(C)
21/5/16 Sparrow(CB54) Bentley Cat attack R.I.P(C)
21/5/16 Magpie nestling(CB53) Hednesford Cat attack Released(R)
19/5/16 Crow(CB52) Cannock Not flying, stress feathers R.I.P(C)
19/5/16 Pigeon(CB51) Chase Town Cat attack + flew into window Released(c)
19/5/16 Pigeon (WB35) Stoke Not using legs R.I.P (W)
19/5/16 M Hedgehog 444g(WH8) Meir Heath Found in garden R.I.P(W)
18/5/16 Blackbird(CB50) Aldridge Cat attack R.I.P(C)
18/5/16 Pigeon(CB49) Cannock Flew into window wing injury Euthanised(C)
17/5/16 Hatchling Blackbird(WB34) Hammerwich Magpie attack R.I.P(W)
17/5/16 Hatchling Sparrow(WB33) Heath Hayes Fell from nest R.I.P(W)
16/5/16 F Hedgehog 343g(WH7) Stradford upon Avon Found on drive (lungworm) R.I.P(W)
16/5/16 Hedgehog 293g(ch7) Cannock Out During Day R.I.P(C)
14/5/16 F Hedgehog 648g(WH6) Horton RTA Nasel & broken jaw Vet euthanised(W)
14/5/16 Starling Fledgling(CB50) Norton Canes Foot deformity not flying Euthanised(W)
14/5/16 Robin Fledgling(CB49) Featherstone Dogs found in garden R.I.P(C)
14/5/16 2x Blackbird nestlings(WB32) Rugely Cat attack Released(W)
13/5/16 M Hedgehog 405g(wh5) Wildwood Broken back leg R.I.P(W)
13/5/16 10 x Long tailed tit nestlings(wb31) Cheadle Nest broken 1 R.I.P 9 Released (w & ch)
12/5/16 Starling Fledgling(WB30) Stafford Cat attack R.I.P(W)
12/5/16 Robin Fledgling(cb48) Cheslyn Hay via vets Cat attack R.I.P(C)
12/5/16 Magpie(cb47) Great Wyrley Flew into window Released(C)
12/5/16 Magpie Fledgling(cb46) Perton Cat attack Released(C)
11/5/16 Pigeon Squab(cb45) Burntwood Cat attack R.I.P(C)
10/5/16 Starling Fledgling (WB29) Little Hayward Cat attack Released(W)
9/5/16 Blackbird nestling(WB 28) Stoke on Trent Abandoned Released(W)
9/5/16 Magpie Nestling(cb43) Great Wyrley Cat attack Released(D)
8/5/16 Great Tit nestling(cb42) Perton Found on drive Released(W)
8/5/16 Sparrow Hatchling (cb41) Shenstone Found on grass R.I.P(C)
7/5/16 M Hedgehog 445g(wh4) Werrington Lung worm R.I.P(W)
7/5/16 M Hedgehog(wh3) Lightwood Head injury due to strimmer Vet Euthanised(W)
7/5/16 M Hedgehog 682g(wh2) Tuttbury Badly broken Jaw Vet Euthanised(W)
6/5/16 Pigeon (wb27) Coven Heath Badly broken wing Euthanised(W)
6/5/16 Hedgehog 536g(ch6) Pelsall(387 vet) Out during day R.I.P(C)
6/5/16 Robin Fledgling(wb26) Hednesford Cat attack R.I.P(W)
6/5/16 Robin Fledgling(wb25) Hednesford Cat attack R.I.P(W)
5/5/16 Dunnock Fledgling (cb40) Rugely Cat attack R.I.P(C)
5/5/16 Wren Fledgling (cb39) Shelfield Found in garden R.I.P(C)
3/5/16 Blackbird Fledgling (wb24) Wolverhampton Magpie attack Released(W)
2/5/16 Young Starling (wb23) Highfields Magpie attack nerve damage Euthanised(W)
2/5/16 2x Greenfinch nestlings(wb21/22) Doxey Fell from nest Released(D)
2/5/16 Robin Fledgling(wb20) Wolverhampton Cat attack broken leg Euthanised(W)
2/5/16 Dunnock Fledgling (wb19) Wolverhampton Cat attack R.I.P(W)
2/5/16 Pigeon (cb38) Wolverhampton Head injury R.I.P(C)
2/5/16 Blackbird juvenile (wb18) Burston Flew into window Released(W)
1/5/16 Hedgehog 313g (ch5) Rugely Out during day Released(C)
30/4/16 Ferrel Pigeon (cb37) Perton via Louise Not flying Euthanised(C)
30/4/16 Blackbird fledgeling (cb36) Great Wyrley Cat attack Released(C)
29/4/16 Pigeon squab(cb35) Walsall Crow attack Released(C)
29/4/16 Blackbird fledgling (wb17) Great Haywood Being played with by dog Released(W)
28/4/16 Robin fledgling(wb16) Stafford Cat attack R.I.P(W)
28/4/16 3 Blackbird fledglings (cb34) Burntwood Found in garden R.I.P(W)
28/4/16 Juvenile Pigeon (cb33) Great Wyrley Found in garden Released(W)
26/4/16 Juvenile Pigeon (cb32) Cheslyn Hay Found in garden Released(W)
26/4/16 Ferrel Pigeon(cb31) Walsall Not flying Released(C)
25/4/16 Collered Dove(CB30) Rushall Dog attack damaged foot Released(W)
24/4/16 Robin fledgling(wb15) Brewood Found in garden Released(W)
24/4/16 Pigeon(cb29) Telford Broken wing Euthanised (C)
20/4/16 Coot Chick(cb28) Bloxwich Abandoned R.I.P (C)
19/4/16 Blackbird Fledgling(cb27) Norton Canes Cat attack Broken wing Euthanised(C)
19/4/16 Blackbird Fledgling x 2 (CB25/26) Brownhills Cat attack 1 R.I.P 1 Released(C)
19/4/16 Pigeon(cb24) RSPCA Not flying Released(C)
19/4/16 Pigeon Squab(CB23) Cannock Cat attack R.I.P(C)
17/4/16 Pigeon Squab (CB22) Hednesford Fell from nest Euthanised(C)
17/4/16 Hedgehog (CH4) Hednesford Out during day R.I.P (C)
17/4/16 Blackbird(cb21) Cannock Found in garden R.I.P (C)
8/4/16 Hedgehog (CH3) 387 Vet Dog attack Released(C)
7/4/16 Duckling (cb20) Cannock Found on its own R.I.P(C)
6/4/16 Blackbird (wb14) Stoke Cat attack R.I.P(W)
4/4/16 Pigeon (cb19) Cannock Flew into window R.I.P(C)
4/4/16 Blackbird (wb13) Newport Cat attack leg injury R.I.P(W)
3/4/16 Pheasant (cb18) Featherstone Head trauma R.I.P(C)
3/4/16 Collard Dove (wb12) Stafford Cat attack Released(W)
1/4/16 Hedgehog (wh1) Stone Walked through something corrosive on Stomach Released(A)
31/3/16 pheasant cb17 Cannock Leg injury R.I.P(C)
31/3/16 Pigeon cb16 Norton Canes Not flying Released(C)
30/3/16 Robin (wb11) Rowley Park Found on ground R.I.P
26/3/16 Young Rabbit Rugely Cat attack Released(C)
25/3/16 Pigeon(Cb15) Burntwood Cat attack Released(C)
21/3/16 Pigeon(Cb14) RSPCA Flew into window Released(C)
18/3/16 Pigeon(Cb13) Cannock Found in road Released(C)
18/3/16 Blackbird(Cb12) 387 vet Found not flying R.I.P(C)
12/3/16 3 babies Via Chris found in loft 2 R.I.P 1 Released(W)
8/3/16 Collard Dove(Cb11) Great Wyrley Found in garden R.I.P(C)
4/3/16 Collard Dove(Cb10) Great Wyrley Found on grass not flying R.I.P(C)
4/3/16 Buzzard(Cb9) Wolverhampton Flew into window Released(C)
27/2/16 Hedgehog(Ch2) Whitecross vet bloxwich Out during day R.I.P(C)
27/2/16 Pigeon(Cb8) Cannock Cat attack Euthanised(C)
22/2/16 Collard Dove(Wb10) Stafford Cat attack Released
22/2/16 Blackbird(Cb8) Cannock Attacked R.I.P(C)
14/2/16 Pigeon(Cb7) Walsall wood Hawked Released(C)
13/2/16 Pigeon(wb9) Stone not flying R.I.P(W)
4/2/16 Magpie(Cb6) Norton Canes Being attacked by other birds Released(C)
11/2/16 crow(Wb8) Kidderminster Stress feathers Gone to Diane(W)
7/2/16 Bullfinch(wb7) Stafford Cat attack R.I.P(W)
4/2/16 Ferrel Pigeon(Cb5) Walsall Being attacked by other birds Released(C)
4/2/16 Ferrel Pigeon(wb6) Stoke Found in garden R.I.P(W)
30/1/16 Sparrow Hawk(cb4)(c) pelsall Found in road R.I.P(C)
18/1/16 Starling (cb3) Mosley Cat attack R.I.P (C)
17/1/16 Magpie(cb2) Wolverhampton Wing injury Released (C)
10/1/16 Buzzard(cb1)(c) pelsall Found in garden,head injury R.I.P(C)
8/1/16 Blackbird (wb2) Wheaton Aston Leg injury Euthanised broken leg (W)
4/1/16 Hedgehog (ch1) Walsall Found in garden Released (C)
4/1/16 2 Crows (wb4/5) Gentleshaw raptor rescue In for rehab Sent to Diane (W)
4/1/16 Canary (wb3) Stafford landrover Flew into showroom Rehomed (W)
2/1/16 Pigeon (wb1) Stoke Advanced Canker Euthanized (W)
30/12/15 Hedgehog 272g Wheaton Aston Dehydrated and cold R.I.P(W)
26/12/15 Hedgehog h92 Hednesford Breathing problems R.I.P(C)
24/12/15 F Hedgehog 1064g Newcastle Fly Blown R.I.P(W)
12/12/15 Pigeon Stafford (Arthur) Cat attack Released(W)
12/12/15 Blackbird Burton Manor Cat attack R.I.P(W)
11/12/15 Crow Castle street stafford Leg injury R.I.P (W)
11/12/15 Hedgehog 422g Burntwood via Helen Found in garden covered in ticks Released now 1350g(W)
10/12/15 Hedgehog H91 330g Great Wyrley via chris Found in garden Released(C)
9/12/15 M Hedgehog 482g Kingston Hill Found in garden Released now 891g(W)
6/12/15 Hedgehog 500g Silkmore Stafford Under weight Released 960g(W)
3/12/15 Redwing Lichfield Found in road Euthanized broken wing(C)
2/12/15 Racing pigeon 387 vet Cat attack R.I.P(C)
2/12/15 Ferrel Pigeon Essington Cat attack Released(C)
2/12/15 2 Young pigeons Cannock Nest broken Released(C)
25/11/15 F Hedgehog 345g Gnosal Found in garden R:I:P(w)
22/11/15 Hedgehog 424g H90 Brownhills Out during day Released(C)
20/11/15 Hedgehog H89 Great Wyrley Out during day R.I.P(C)
20/11/15 Hedgehog 546g via Louise out during day R.I.P(w)
20/11/15 Hedgehog 364g Swynnerton found running in road R.I.P(w)
19/11/15 Pigeon 387 vet Not flying R.I.P(C)
18/11/15 M Hedgehog Rugely Bleeding nose R.I.P(w)
17/11/15 Gull Burntwood Wound on back R.I.P(w)
13/11/15 Collard Dove 387Vet Not flying R.I.P(C)
13/11/15 Hedgehog H88 210g Cannock Out during day Released(C)

13/11/15 M Hedgehog 386g Beaconside Out during day,Worms R.I.P(w)
13/11/15 Hedgehog 302g Swynnerton Bad worm infestation R.I.P(w)
11/11/15 Hedgehog 454g Baswich Bad worm infestation Released(W)(780g)
11/11/15 F Hedgehog 236g (lucky) Penkridge Bad worm infestation R.I.P (W)
8/11/15 Pigeon Coseley Wing injury Gone to Diane(w)
6/11/15 Young Pigeon Bushbury Found in school grounds Released(W)
4/11/15 3 Hedgehogs R458g,P484g,B465g Woodseves underweight P released B rip R890g released(W)
3/11/15 Hedgehog Great Wyrley Advanced Lung worm R.I.P(W)
2/11/15 White Pigeon Warren house vet Canker Euthanized(C)
1/11/15 Pigeon Tettenhall Cat attack R.I.P(W)
30/10/15 Wood Cock Burntwood Flew into window Released(C)
27/10/15 Magpie Cannock not flying R.I.P(W)
26/10/15 Pigeon Stafford Cat attack R.I.P(C)
23/10/15 Hedgehog H87 Great Wyrley Out during the day R.I.P(C)
23/10/15 Juvenile Pigeon Codsall Broken wing Euthanized(C)
22/10/15 Hedgehog 375g H86 Burntwood Out during day Released(H)
22/10/15 Juvenile pigeon Brownhills Canker Euthanized(C)
19/10/15 Collared Dove Great Wyrley Broken Shoulder Euthanized(C)
17/10/15 Young Pigeon Mere Park Found by road R.I.P(W)
16/10/15 Pigeon squab Wimblebury 1/2 Wing missing Euthanized(C)
16/10/15 M Hedgehog 180g H85 Cannock Out during day Released(W)
15/10/15 Blackbird Cannock Cat attack R.I.P(C)
15/10/15 F Hedgehog (Hettie) 292g Queensville Out during day Escaped 584g(W)
14/10/15 Hedgehog 511g Penkridge Out during day Broken infected front leg vet euthanized (W)
14/10/15 Hedgehog 336g Wheaton Aston (blue) found in garden Released now 720g(W)
14/10/15 Ferrel Pigeon Pelsall Attacked Euthanized broken wing(C)
14/10/15 Young Pigeon Heath Hayes Found in road R.I.P(C)
14/10/15 Racing Pigeon Wolverhampton Not Flying Released(C)
13/10/15 Seagull Norton Canes Fishing line around leg Released(C)
13/10/15 Juvenile Blackbird Wolverhampton Found in garden broken wing R.I.P(W)
10/10/15 Seagull Chase Water Immobile Released(C)
10/10/15 Pigeon Aldridge Canker Euthanized(C)
10/10/15 F Hedgehog 264g (Henrietta) Wheaton Aston Out during the day Released now 820g(W)
8/10/15 Ferrel Pigeon Burntwood Hawked Released(W)
8/10/15 Magpie R:S:P:C:A Attacked by other magpies Euthanized(C)
8/10/15 Hedgehog H84 Lichfield Out during day R.I.P (C)
7/10/15 Pigeon 387 Vet Canker Euthanized(C)
8/10/15 Juvenile Pigeon Cannock Broken wing and leg Euthanized(C)
7/10/15 Hedgehog 191g Lightwood Stoke Found on allotment Released(W) now 718g
7/10/15 F Hedgehog 572g Newcastle Head Trauma Vet Euthanized(W)
7/10/15 Pigeon Lichfield Canker Euthanised(C)
7/10/15 Pigeon Huntington Wing injury Released (C)
4/10/15 Pigeon Rugely Found in road,Canker Euthanized(C)
4/10/15 Hedgehog H83 583g Willenhall Leg injury Vet euthanised (C)
3/10/15 F Hedgehog 347g Swinnerton Out during day Escaped(W)
2/10/15 Hedgehog H82 266g Wolverhampton Bad infestation of worms R.I.P (C)
1/10/15 Hedgehog H81 423g Cannock Out during the day Released(C)
30/9/15 Hedgehog 330g Littleworth Out during day Released(715g)(W)
30/9/15 Hedgehog Queensway Stafford Found in road R.I.P(W)
29/9/15 F Hedgehog 302g Tean Found on school field during day R.I.P(W)
29/9/15 Warbler Willenhall Cat attack Released(C)
29/9/15 Pigeon Great Wyrley Cat attack,Canker Euthanised (C)
29/9/15 Pigeon 387 vet Canker Euthanised
29/9/15 White Pigeon 387 vet Found in garden not flying R.I.P(C)
28/9/15 F Hedgehog 252g H80 Burntwood Out during day attacked by magpies R.I.P(C)
28/9/15 Hedgehog H79 319g Burntwood Found In road with prolapse Released now 950g(H)
27/9/15 Young collared Dove Penkridge Found in garden Released(W)
27/9/15 Juvenile Pigeon Great Wyrley Cat attack, bad neck injuries R.I.P(C)
26/9/15 Blue tit Cannock Covered in sticky glue R.I.P(C)
25/9/15 Juvenlie Pigeon Hednesford Flew in window, Canker Euthanised(C)
24/9/15 Ferrel Pigeon Great Wyrley Severe Canker Euthanised(C)
24/9/15 Juvenile Pigeon Wednesfield Found in garden not flying Released (W)
23/9/15 Hoglet 92g H78 Rugely Out during the day Released now 867g(CF)
23/9/15 M Hedgehog 111g(blue r) Pelsall Out during day Released(d+w)now 1048g
23/9/15 Juvenile Pigeon Great Wyrley Found in road not standing Euthanised(C)
21/9/15 Racing Pigeon Via RSPCA Wing injury Returned to owner(C)
21/9/15 Pigeon Pelsall Cat attack Euthanised(C)
21/9/15 Pigeon Essington Cat attack Euthanised(C)
21/9/15 Pigeon Pelsall Not flying R.I.P(C)
19/9/15 Young Kestrel Wolverhampton Poss broken wing Transfered to Gentleshaw(C)
18/9/15 2 Hoglets (G151g R146g) H77 Left on doorstep Found in garden Released(J)
17/9/15 Pigeon Great Wyrley Cat attack R.I.P(C)
15/9/15 Pigeon squab Left on doorstep Found in garden Gone to Diane(W)
14/9/15 Hedgehog 712g Pelsall Out during day Released(D)
14/9/15 Hedgehog (351g)H76 Burntwood Out during day dehydrated R.I.P(C)
14/9/15 F Hedgehog (322g) Morton road Stafford Out during day dehydrated Released(W) now 672g
12/9/15 Blackbird Newcastle under Lyme Found in garden R.I.P(W)
12/9/15 Pigeon nestling Walsall Fell from nest cat attack Released(C)
10/9/15 Pigeon Pelsall Found in garden not flying Released(C)
10/9/15 Hedgehog 337g H75 Walsall Out during the day fly blown R.I.P(C)
9/9/15 Hedgehog H74 271g Telford Out during the day fly blown R.I.P(C)
7/9/15 Jouvenile Pigeon Bridgetown Found in garden Released(C)
7/9/15 Wren Great Wyrley Cat attack R.I.P(C)
5/9/15 Pigeon Squab Pool House Vets Cuts on body Released(C)
5/9/15 Juvennile Pigeon Norton Canes Flew into car broken leg Euthanised(C)
4/9/15 Hedgehog 156g h73 Wednesbury Found out during day Released(C)
3/9/15 M Hedgehog 375g(Marshey) Wildwood Found on school field lifeless R.I.P(W)
3/9/15 Buzzard Walsall Fell from roof Transfered to Gentleshaw(C)
2/9/15 F Hedgehog 143g Werrington Found in garden swollen tongue and cut lip Released(A) now 657g
2/9/15 Jouvnile pigeon Wombourne Advanced Canker R.I.P (C)
2/9/15 Jouvnile pigeon Warren house vets Attacked feathers missing Released(C)
2/9/15 Hedgehog 260g H72 Stafford Out during day Released(C)
1/9/15 Jouvnile pigeon Newcastle under Lyme Found in road Released(Diane)
1/9/15 Jouvnile pigeon Wednesfield Hawked badly injured Euthanised(C)
31/8/15 Pigeon Cannock Cat attack Released (C)
30/8/15 Magpie Cannock No tail feathers R.I.P(C)
30/8/15 Quail Wolverhampton Cat attack Rehomed(C)
29/8/15 Jouvnile pigeon Walsall wood Cat attack Released(W)
29/8/15 Jouvenile pigeon Cannock Flew into window Released(W)
29/8/15 Jouvenile pigeon Wolverhapton No Tail feathers Released(W)
29/8/15 Ferrel Pigeon (white) Great Wyrley Dog attack Rehomed(C)
27/8/15 Hedgehog 72g H71 Great Wyrley Dog attack Released (C)
27/8/15 Fantail pigeon Penkridge Wound to wing Gone to Diane(W)
26/8/15 Jouvenile pigeon 387 vets Found in pond R.I.P (C)
26/8/15 House martin hatchling Burntwood Nest collapsed R.I.P (C)
26/8/15 Crow Stoke on Trent Pellet wound Gone to Diane (W)
25/8/15 Blackbird Great Wyrley Found in garden Released(W)
24/8/15 Bat Bridgetown Cat attack Sent to Bat rescue (C)
24/8/15 Spotted woodpecker fledgling West Bromwich Cat attack R.I.P(C)
24/8/15 Pigeon Rising brook R.T.A R.I.P(W)
23/8/15 Dunnock Seighford Been hand reared loosing condition Released(W)
23/8/15 Mom Hedgehog and 3 babies H70 Hednesford Nest found under removed shed All released(C)
22/8/15 M Hedgehog 357g Baswich Out during day on drive R.I.P(W)
22/8/15 Hedgehog 86g H69 Rugely Out during day with ticks Escaped 758g(W)
21/8/15 Pigeon fledgling Hednesford Fell from nest Released (C)
19/8/15 Hedgehog 787g H68 Great Wyrley Dog attack Released (C)
18/8/15 Magpie Wolverhampton Not flying R.I.P (C)
17/8/15 Hedgehog 344g H67 Rugely Out during day R.I.P(C)
17/8/15 Hedgehog 590g H66 Rugely Out during day R.I.P(C)
17/8/15 Hedgehog 111g Rising Brook Found by main road Released (A) now 643g
17/8/15 Young Collard Dove Stafford Injury under wing Released(W)
17/8/15 M Hedgehog 688g Stoke on Trent Fleas and out during day Released(786g)(W)
17/8/15 Hedgehog H66 Armitage Out during day R.I.P< (C)
17/8/15 Gull 387 vets Poss concusion Released(C)
16/8/15 F Hedgehog 923g H65 Walsall Wound to body Vet Euthanised (C)
16/8/15 Pigeon squab Penkridge Cat attack bad cut under wing Released (W)
16/8/15 F Hedgehog 608g H64 Lichfield Out during Day Released (C)
16/8/15 Collard Dove Cannock Wing injury Euthanised(C)
15/8/15 Hedgehog 650g Tesco Stafford Dehydrated With poss slug pellet poisoning R.I.P(W)
15/8/15 2 Housemartins Bloxwich Nest fell from house Released(C)
14/8/15 Dunnock fledgling Great Haywood Cat attack R.I.P (C)
14/8/15 Swift Wolverhampton Found on ground R.I.P(W)
12/8/15 Pigeon Squab Cannock Broken leg Euthanised (C)
11/8/15 Blackbird fledgling Bentley Found in garden released (C)
11/8/15 Blackbird Great Wyrley Cat attack R.I.P(C)
10/8/15 2 Housemartin nestlings Weston Nest damaged during renervations Released(W)
10/8/15 Young pigeon Seabridge Found in garden Released (W)
10/8/15 Ferrel pigeon Great Wyrley Broken leg Euthanised (C)
9/8/15 4 Hogletts Wheaton Aston Found in garden Released(D)
9/8/15 Swift Nestling Stafford Found on ground Released (W)
7/8/15 Pigeon 387 vets Cut on wing Released (C)
8/8/15 F Hedgehog 460g Queensville Very Shacky and dehydrated R.I.P (W)
6/8/15 Young Blackbird Highfields Cat attack Released(W)
5/8/15 Pigeon squab Hyde Lee Found on ground Released (W)
5/8/15 Pigeon Bloxwich Not Flying R.I.P (C)
5/8/15 Hedgehog 662g H62 Streetly Out during day R.I.P (C)
5/8/15 Hedgehog 452g H61 Burntwood Fly blown with maggots R.I.P (C)
5/8/15 Hedgehog 179g H60 Hazel Slade Out during day Released(C)
5/8/15 M Hedgehog 239g Holmcroft Dehydrated and infection R.I.P (W)
5/8/15 Hedgehog 704g (H59) Cannock Foung by road leg injury Vet euthanised(C)
4/8/15 Pigeon squab Cannock Chase Found on ground Released (C)
4/8/15 Swift Hednesford Found on path Released (C)
4/8/15 Pigeon squab Great Wyrley Catt attack Euthanised (C)
4/8/15 Hedgehog 592g(H58) Pets at home vet Out during day R.I.P (C)
4/8/15 Sparrow Hednesford Crow attack Released(C)
4/8/15 Pigeon 387 Vets Head injury released (C)
3/8/15 Blackbird fledgling Leek Cat attack R.I.P (W)
3/8/15 Blackbird Jouvenile Highfields Cat attack Wing injury R.I.P (W)
2/8/15 Dunnock Erdington Cat attack R.I.P (C)
2/8/15 Dunnock Aldridge Dog attack Released(C)
2/8/15 Pigeon Baswich Broken wing Euthanised(W)
2/8/15 F hedgehog 99g Pershall Found in garden Released now 582g(D)
1/8/15 F Hedgehog 155g (lily) Wildwood found by road wobbly R.I.P(W)
31/7/15 Cookoo chick Via Gentleshaw Taken in thinking it was sparrow hawk Released(W)
30/7/15 Jouvenile Blackbird Rising Brook Found in garden R.I.P(W)
30/7/15 Pigeon Stafford Hawked serious injuries R.I.P (W)
30/7/15 Hedgehog H57 Chase Terrace Fly Strike with maggots dog attack R.I.P(C)
29/7/15 Hatchling Sparrow Cannock Found on footpath R.I.P (W)
29/7/15 F Hedgehog 178g Parkside Dehydrated and cold R.I.P (W)
28/7/15 Hedgehog 188g Newcastle under Lyme Fly Strike R.I.P (W)
28/7/15 F Hedgheog 97g Baswich Sores on legs and feet Released now 672g(W)
28/7/15 F Hedgehog 477g Stafford Cold out during day Released(W)
26/7/15 Pigeon Cannock Ill R.I.P(C)
26/7/15 Dunnock Dudley Cat attack R.I.P(W)
25/7/15 Goldfinch Cannock Crow attack R.I.P(C)
25/7/15 Pigeon squab Burntwood Cat attack R.I.P(C)
25/7/15 Swift Walsall Magpie attack R.I.P(W)
23/7/15 Blackbird Fledgling Norton Canes Found in garden R.I.P (C)
22/7/15 Blackbird fledgling Cannock Found in garden R.I.P (C)
22/7/15 M Hedgehog 99g H56 Erdington Dehydrated,fly strike R.I.P(C)
22/7/15 2 Blackbird nestlings Cannock Chase Tree cut down with nest in R.I.P(C)
22/7/15 Blackbird Fledgling Cannock Cat attack R.I.P(C)
21/7/15 Sparrow Cheslyn hay Found on back in garden R.I.P (C)
21/7/15 Sparrow Fledgling Huntington Cat attack R.I.P (C)
20/7/15 Pigeon Squab 387 Vet Taken in by client R.I.P (C)
20/7/15 Goldfinch nestling Heath Hayes Fell from nest R.I.P (C)
19/7/15 2 Blackbird Nestlings Willenhall Cat attack 1 R.I.P 1 Released(W)
19/7/15 Sparrow (Jack) Wolverhampton Cat attack Released(C)
19/7/15 Blackbird Fledgling Great Wyrley Cat attack Released(C)
19/7/15 Fancy Pigeon Pets at home Cannock Found in pond Released (C)
19/7/15 F Hedgehog 55g blue Rising Brook Found on patio during day Released(D)
18/7/15 M Hedgehog (H55) 990g Huntington Out during day released(C)
18/7/15 Blackbird juvenile Cheslyn Hay Cat attack R.I.P (C)
18/7/15 Young Blackbird Cheslyn Hay Not flying R.I.P(C)
17/7/15 Young Magpie Cannock Concussion R.I.P(C)
16/7/15 M Hedgehog H54 Hednesford Stuck in drain Released(C)
16/7/15 Goldfinch Fledgling Cannock Cat attack R.I.P(C)
16/7/15 Nuthatch Dilhorne Leg injury Released(W)
15/7/15 Blackbird Nestling Essington cat attack R.I.P(C)
15/7/15 Swift nestling Cannock Fell from nest Released(C)
15/7/15 Duckling Cannock Found in road R.I.P(C)
15/7/15 4 Housemartins burntwood Nest collapsed Released (C)
15/7/15 Young Pigeon Stoke on Trent Found in lounge Crop Problems R.I.P(W)
15/7/15 Sparrow fledgling Armitage Found in garden R.I.P (W)
14/7/15 2 Swift fledglings Cannock and pelsall Fell from nest R.I.P(C)
14/7/15 3 Housemartins Upper Langdon Nest fell from eavs Released (C)
13/7/15 2 F hedgehogs Wheaton Aston Found in garden Released(D)(red+plain)now 590 and 603g
13/7/15 Duckling Cannock Caught in netting Released (C)
13/7/15 Pigeon Huntington Found in garden Released(C)
12/7/15 Blackbird fledgling Kings hill Found on patio Released(W)
12/7/15 Young Hedgehog Seabridge Blind one eye bleeding from nose Released(W)
12/7/15 Pigeon Cheslyn hay Head injury R.I.P (C)
9/7/15 Hedgehog 834g H53 Featherstone Out during day Released(C)
9/7/15 Hedgehog Fairoak Maggots R.I.P (W)
9/7/15 Crow Silkmore Ill R.I.P (W)
9/7/15 Young pigeon Penn via Debbie Found in garden Released(W)
9/7/15 Goldfinch fledgling Norton Canes Magpie attack R.I.P (C)
9/7/15 Crow Burntwood Found lying on ground Gone to rough rescue
8/7/15 Pigeon squab Rising brook Found in garden Released(W)
7/7/15 M hedgehog Newcastle under Lyme On mess fron vets R.I.P (W)
7/7/15 F hedgehog Stone Ill Released(W)
6/7/15 Hedgehog 87g (green) Carisbrook Found in gutter R.I.P (D)
6/7/15 2 M hedgehogs 78&86g(Yellow) Houghton2 Wobbly and cold (A+D)Released
6/7/15 3 Blackbird nestlings Stafford Nest fell from tree 1 R.I.P 2 Released(W)
6/7/15 Seagull fledgling Oldbury Found in works yard Released(W)
6/7/15 Sparrow Great Wyrley flew into window R.I.P (C)
5/7/15 Hedgehog H52 Burntwood Broken back leg Vet Euthanized(W)
5/7/15 2 Hogletts 83g,114g H51 Penkridge Orphaned Released(C)
5/7/15 F Hedgehog 83g Houghton 2 Wobbly and cold Released now 525g (A)
4/7/15 Hedgehog 97g H50 Handsacre Out during day Released(C)
4/7/15 Hedgehog Houghton 1 Found by main road Released now 560 (A)
4/7/15 Blackbird Fledgling Sandon road Cat attack Released(W)
4/7/15 Sparrow hatchling Burntwood Fell from nest R.I.P (C)
3/7/15 Young Pigeon Parkside not flying Released(W)
3/7/15 Blackbird fledgling Wednesfield Cat attack Released(W)
3/7/15 2 Dunnock fledglings Wolverhampton Cat attack 1 euthanised 1 released(W)
2/7/15 Sparrow fledgling Prospect village Injured wing Released (W)
2/7/15 Robin fledgling Norton Canes Found in house Released (C)
2/7/15 Sparrow fledgling Essington Found in loft R.I.P (C)
1/7/15 Sparrow fledgling Dudley Cat attack broken leg Euthanized(C)
1/7/15 Swift nestling Cannock Horse trod on wing R.I.P(C)
31/6/15 Hedgehog 856g H44 Pye Green Hit by car Released(C)
30/6/15 2 Swift Nestlings Hednesford Found in road Released(C)
30/6/15 Juvenile Crow Brownhills Partially hand reared Transferred to rough rescue(C)
29/6/15 Lapwing chick Eccleshall Found on garage Released(W)
28/6/15 Robin Fledgling Norton Canes Cat attack R.I.P(C)
27/6/15 young pigeon Bramshall Cat attack Released(W)
27/6/15 Young Blackbird Uttoxeter Cat attack Released(W)
25/6/15 Pigeon Squab Melbourne vet Crow attack R.I.P(C)
25/6/15 Blackbird Fledgling Melbourne vet Found by client Released(C)
25/6/15 Jackdaw Great Wyrley Found in garden Released(C)
24/6/15 Sparrow Burntwood Wing problem Released(C)
24/6/15 Hedgehog Cannock Leg Severed Vet euthanized(W)
24/6/15 Greenfinch Stafford Broken wing Euthanised(W)
22/6/15 Hedgehog 361g H49 Great Wyrley Out during day Released (538g)(C)
22/6/15 Hedgehog 620g H48 Essington Out during day R.I.P(C)
21/6/15 Blackbird Fledgling Hednesford Cat attack Released(C)
21/6/15 Dunnock Stafford Cat attack R.I.P(W)
20/6/15 Pigeon Cheslyn hay Found in road Euthanised(C)
20/6/15 2 Pigeon Squabs Wolverhampton Abandoned in nest released(C)
20/6/15 Sparrow Cheslyn Hay Cat attack D.O.A (C)
20/6/15 Magpie Fledgling Cannock Fell from nest Gone to rough rescue (C)
20/6/15 Pigeon Cannock Injured wing R.I.P(C)
19/6/15 Young Starling Via Jon No Balance Euthanised
19/6/15 Seagull Great Wyrley Broken wing Euthanised(C)
19/6/15 Pigeon Stafford Badley broken wing Euthanised
17/6/15 Robin Fledging Bloxwich Found by road DOA(C)
17/6/15 Sparrow Fledging Great Wyrley Fell from nest R.I.P(C)
17/6/15 Young Starling Stafford Found in garden grazed wing R.I.P (W)
16/6/15 Young Sparrow Castlefields Cat attack Released(W)
16/6/15 Mallard Duckling Sandon Found in garden Released(W)
16/5/15 Hedgehog 456g H41 Brewood Out during day Released (c)
15/6/15 Greenfinch Dilhorne Cat attack R.I.P(W)
15/6/15 Robin nestling Stafford Fell from tree R.I.P(C)
15/6/15 sparrow nestling Huntington Fell from tree R.I.P(C)
15/6/15 Magpie Fledging Cannock In for release Released(C)
15/6/15 Pigeon Cannock Advanced Canker DOA(C)
15/6/15 Crow Melbourne vet Cat attack Released(C)
15/6/15 M Hedgehog 476g Trentham Out During Day eye injury Released 564g (W)
14/6/15 Blackbird Hednesford Cat attack Euthanised(C)
13/6/15 M Hedgehog Stoke on Trent Breathing Problems Vet Euthanised
12/6/15 Hedgehog H47 Codsall Out during day R.I.P(C)
12/6/15 Jay Fledging Wolverhampton Found in field Released (C)
11/6/15 Blackbird Fledging Cannock Cat attack R.I.P (C)
11/6/15 M Hedgehog Penkridge Caught in netting Released(W)
10/6/15 Crow Perry Barr Found by road lump on head Released(C)
9/6/15 Pigeon 387 vet Wing injury Euthanised(C)
9/7/15 Magpie fledgling Great Wyrley Cat attack Released(c)
9/6/15 Blackbird Fledging Cannock Found in garden Released(W)
9/6/15 Blackbird Fledging Hednesford Found by road Released (W)
9/6/15 Young Pigeon Cannock Cat attack R.I.P(C)
9/6/15 Goldfinch fledgling Great Wyrley Found in gutter R.I.P(C)
8/6/15 2 M Hogletts (Hissing Sid 82g Freddie 81g) Tean Mom killed on road Released now Sid 590g Fred 460g (A)
8/6/15 Young Jackdaw Brockton Not using legs Euthanised(W)
8/6/15 Young Starling Brownhills Caught in bird feeder Released(W)
7/6/15 Mom Hedgehog and 5 Babies Uttoxeter Babies too near to main road Mom Escaped 5 Babies released(w)
7/6/15 3 Blackbird Nestlings Stafford Tree cut down with nest in 2 R.I.P 1 Released(W)
7/6/15 M Hedgehog Stafford Found in drain Released (W)
7/6/15 Mom Hog and 5 Babies Bushbury(Louise) found in bag of Plaster Mix 1 Baby R.I.P 4 released mom released(W)
7/6/15 Pigeon Cheadle No Flight feathers on one wing Released(W)
7/6/15 Magpie Fledgling Cannock RTA Head Injuries R.I.P(C)
7/6/15 Pigeon Willenhall Broken wing Euthanised(C)
7/6/15 Great Tit Norton Canes Cat attack R.I.P(C)
6/6/15 M Hedgehog (550g) Stafford Dehydrated and fly blown in eyes R.I.P(W)
6/6/15 Wren fledgling Acton Trussel Cat attack Broken leg Euthanised(W)
6/6/15 5 Fledgling Robins Willenhall Orphaned due to cat attack 1 Released4 R.I.P(W)
5/6/15 Hedgehog (497g)(H46) Willenhall Out during day R.I.P(C)
5/6/15 Blackbird Fledgling Great Wyrley Cat attack R.I.P (C)
5/6/15 Blackbird fledgling Cannock Cat attack Euthanised (C)
5/6/15 Magpie fledgling Great Wyrley Cat attack R.I.P(C)
4/6/15 Crow Bromsgrove via Travis Found at work Released(C)
3/6/15 F Hedgehog 384g Trentham Rear Leg injury via trap Leg amputation, Released (W)
3/6/15 Magpie Nestling Via Helen Cat attack Released(C)
3/6/15 Pipistrelle Bat wedgesmills Found in garden Sent to bat rescue
3/6/15 Hedgehog (835g)H45 Whitecross Vet Bloxwich Found in garden Released (959g) (C)
3/6/15 Nestling Blue tit Great Barr Tree cut down with nest in R.I.P(C)
2/6/15 Robin Fledgling 387 vet Found in road R.I.P
2/6/15 Blackbird Fledgling Great Wyrley Cat Attack Released(C)
2/6/15 Pigeon 387 vet Cat attack Released (C)
2/6/15 Starling Fledgling Hednesford Cat attack Released
2/6/15 Pigeon Via Mark RTA Head Injuries Euthanised
2/6/15 Fledgling Robin Queensville Stafford Cat attack,Badley broken leg Euthanised
2/6/15 Hedgehog (398g) Tittensor Found in woods Cold,lifeless Released (649g) (G)
2/6/15 M Hedgehog (537g) Tony, Stafford Found in garden R.I.P (W)
1/6/15 Blackbird Fledgling Great Wyrley Cat attack R.I.P
1/6/15 Hedgehog (507g) Swinnerton Found in garden R.I.P
31/5/15 2 Nesling pigeons Weston Downs Tree cut down with nest in Released (W)
31/5/15 Nestling Blackbird Codsall Found on path R.I.P
31/5/15 Young Robin Sutton Coldfield Cat attack Released (W)
31/5/15 F Hedgehog 856g H44 Pye Green R.T.A Released(C)
31/5/15 Pigeon Squab Great Wyrley Crow attack Released(C)
31/5/15 Sparrow Featherstone Flew into window Released
30/5/15 Fledgling Great Tit Rising Brook Cat brought in R.I.P
29/5/15 Jackdaw Adbaston Infected wing injury R.I.P
29/5/15 Great tit Norton Canes Cat attack R.I.P
29/5/15 Young Blackbird Hednesford Dog attack Euthanised
29/5/15 Sparrow Great Wyrley Found in garden not flying R.I.P(C)
28/5/15 Young Pigeon Huntington Dog attack Released(W)
28/5/15 Hedgehog (596g)H43 Essington Possibly blind Circling Released in enclosed garden(C)635g
28/5/15 Feldgling Starling Great Wyrley Found in garden R.I.P
27/5/15 Young Magpie Rugely Badley Infected R.I.P
27/5/15 Pigeon squab Great Wyrley Magpie attack Euthanised
26/5/15 Blackbird Fledgling Cannock Abandoned Cut on head Released (C)
25/5/15 2 Blackbird Hatchlings and 2 eggs Pye Green Dog attack R.I.P
25/5/15 Hedgehog (809g)H42 Hednesford Caught in rat trap Released(C)902g
25/5/15 Blackbird Fledgling Alrewas Magpie attack R.I.P
25/5/15 2 Blackbird Hatchlings Hednesford Cat attack R.I.P
23/5/15 Young Crow Walsall Stuck in bike wheel Gone to rough rescue(C)
23/5/15 Fledgling Blackbird Burntwood Cat attack R.I.P
23/5/15 Pigeon Stoke Broken wing Euthanised
23/5/15 Nestling Magpie Wednesbury Fell from nest Released (C)
22/5/15 Nestling Starling Rugely Cat attack R.I.P
22/5/15 Great tit Chelsyn Hay Cat attack R.I.P
22/5/15 Pigeon Norton Canes Hawked Released (C)
22/5/15 Sparrow Willenhall Cat attack R.I.P
21/5/15 Fledgling Blackbird Stafford Broken leg and wing Euthanised
21/5/15 Pigeon Norton Canes Broken leg Euthanised
20/5/15 Quail Norton Canes Found in garden Rehomed
20/5/15 White Pigeon Heath Hayes Found in road R.I.P
20/5/15 5 Baby mice Heath Hayes Found under rabbit hutch 1 R.I.P 4 Released(C)
20/5/15 Pigeon 387 vet Found on road Released
19/5/15 Pigeon Cannock Broken leg Euthanised
19/5/15 Fledgling Blackbird Stafford Broken leg and wing Euthanised
19/5/15 Swift Bloxwich Found on ground Released
18/5/15 Fledgling Chaffinch Walsall Found in garden Released
18/5/15 Fledgling Sparrow Walsall Fell from nest R.I.P
18/5/15 Hedgehog 663g Aldridge Circling and shakey Released 804g (D)
18/5/15 M Hedgehog (463g) Brookglen Stafford Found on footpath cold and shakey Released now (744g)
17/5/15 Fledgling Sparrow Tipton Found in garden Released
17/5/15 Pigeon Shenstone Found in garden not flying released
17/5/15 Young Pigeon Wolverhampton R.T.A not using legs Euthanised
16/5/15 M Hedgehog (456g)(H41) Brewood Out during day Released (C)
16/5/15 Pigeon Great Wyrley Found stuck between 2 walls Released(W)
16/5/15 Fledgling Sparrow Cannock Found in house Released
16/5/15 Fledgling Thrush Melbourne vets Cannock Taken in by client Released (W)
15/5/15 Nestling Sparrow Stoke Found in garden Released(W)
15/5/15 Starling Tipton Cat attack Released
14/5/15 Blackbird Cheslyn Hay Cat attack R.I.P
14/5/15 Fledgling Goldfinch Oxleathers Found on footpath Released
13/5/15 Fledgling Sparrow Beaconside Found in attic Released
12/5/15 Young Collard Dove Great Wyrley Cat attack Released
11/5/15 Hedgehog(H40) Longdon Dog/Fox attack R.I.P
11/5/15 Pigeon Longdon Cat attack R.I.P
11/5/15 Fledgling Sparrow Walsall Cut on head R.I.P
10/5/15 M Hedgehog (Humphrey) H39 (497g) Rushall Cold and wobbly out during day Released (C)
10/5/15 F Blackbird with egg Cosley Cat attack Mom released egg not firtilised(W)
10/5/15 M Hedgehog (761g) Beaconside stafford Fell in trench Released
9/5/15 Fledgling Sparrow Stafford Cat attack,Falling over continuously Euthansied
9/5/15 Pigeon Cannock Injured wing Euthanised
8/5/15 Rabbit via Gentleshaw Found on building area Released(C)
8/5/15 F Hedgehog (495g) Island green Stafford Found on footpath wobbly Released now 650g
7/5/15 Blackbird Rugely Hit by car lost flight feathers Released
6/5/15 Fledgling Sparrow Uttoxeter Found in garden R.I.P
6/5/15 Buzzard Pottle pool Concussion Released
6/5/15 Racing pigeon Walsall Not using legs R.I.P
6/5/15 Hedgehog (611g)(H38) Great Wyrley Found by garage Released
5/5/15 Fledgling Goldfinch Milford Found in road work netting R.I.P
4/5/15 Fledgling Robin Bloxwich Cat attack R.I.P
4/5/15 Pigeon Cannock Flew into window broken beak Euthanised
3/5/15 Crow Pets at home vet Cannock Wing Injury Released
3/5/15 2 Nestling Sparrows Underhill Fell from nest, Leg problems Euthanised
3/5/15 Hedgehog (597g) Utoxeter Found in road Released 700g
2/5/15 2 young pigeons Great Wyrley Tree cut down with nest in Released
2/5/15 Fledge Blackbird Pool house Vets Fell from nest R.I.P
1/5/15 Hedgehog (488g)h37 Hednesford Dog attack Released
30/4/15 M Hedgehog (349g)(H36)) Hednesford Cold,dehydrated,breathing probs R.I.P
29/4/15 pigeon Melbourne vets Cannock Brought in by client Released
26/4/15 Hedgehog (255g) Gnosall Found in garden Released (W)now 599g
25/4/15 Fledgling Blackbird Houghton Cat attack released
24/4/15 Hedgehog (320g) Stafford Found in garden Released
23/4/15 (H35) M Hedgehog (960g) Burntwood RTA Released
23/4/15 (H34) Hedgehog (688g) Great Wyrley Wheezey R.I.P
23/4/15 pigeon Cannock Broken wing Euthanised
23/4/15 (H33) Hedgehog (588g) Great Wyrley Thin R.I.P
23/4/15 (H32)Hedgehog(380g) Burntwood Strimmer accident R.I.P
22/4/15 Racing pigeon Cannock Found in road Returned to owner
21/4/15 fledgling Blackbird Cheslyn Hay Cat attack Released
21/4/15 Baby Pigeon Cannock Fell from nest Released(W)
22/4/15 M Hedgehog(434g) stone Blind one eye poss both, Living in safe garden(Victoria)now (720g))
21/4/15 F Hedgehog (415g) Penn Out during day breathing probs R.I.P
21/4/15 M Hedgehog 477g Stoke on Trent Thin and dehydrated Released now 920g
21/4/15 Mallard Duck Great Wyrley Leg and beak injury Released
21/4/15 Fledgling Blackbird Wheaton Aston Found in garden with cats Released
21/4/15 Fledgling Blackbird Great Wyrley Broken leg Euthansied
18/4/15 Baby Pigeon Hednesford Crow attack Euthansied
15/4/15 M Hedgehog (Joe) Penkridge Found in garden,ill R.I.P
15/4/15 Fledgling Blackbird Cheslyn hay Found in garden Released
14/4/15 Tim Walsall wood Found in attic Released
14/4/15 pigeon Great Wyrley Not flying Flying now Released
13/4/15 Mallard Duck Essington Broken wing Released
13/4/15 M Hedgehog Great Haywood Severe Balloon Syndrome,internal bleeding Vet Euthanised
9/4/15 pigeon Hednesford Cat attack Released
8/4/15 Young Collered dove PoolHouse vet Cat attack R.I.P
7/4/15 F Hedgehog(282g)(Edwina) The Meadows Stafford Found on front garden Released(646g)
7/4/15 Young Collered dove Great Wyrley Cat attack Released
6/4/15 Hedgehog(815g) Norton Canes Dog attack Released
1/4/15 Magpie Norton Canes Fox attack R.I.P
31/3/15 Fledgling pigeon 387 vet Gt Wyrley Fell from nest released
27/3/15 pigeon Cannock RTA in observation Released
27/3/15 pigeon Rugely Fell down chimney,no tail feathers Released
25/3/15 2 Fledgling pigeons Cannock Chase Found on ground 1 R.I.P,1 released
22/3/15 Collered Dove Gt.Wyrley Cat attack R.I.P
20/3/15 pigeon Walsall Cat attack R.I.P
13/3/15 pigeon Cannock Cat attack,wing injury released
2/3/15 Tawney owl Cannock Found in road Released
1/3/15 Blackbird Heath Hayes Trapped in netting R.I.P
1/3/15 Pigeon Cannock Broken Wing Euthanised
28/2/15 Blackbird Burntwood Not flying R.I.P
7/2/15 pigeon Stafford Fell down chimney released
4/2/15 Blackbird Cannock Petsave Center Poss RTA Released
30/1/15 Sparrowhawk Leek Found in snow in garden Released
25/1/15 Pigeon 387 vets Gt Wyrley Taken in by client R.I.P
11/1/15 3 pigeons Erdington In for release Released
11/1/15 F Hedgehog (600g) Stone Found In garden R.I.P

63 thoughts on “Animal Progress Chart

  1. Hi wendy thanks for looking after 5he robins. We have seen a c by the writing. We know w is well and r.i.p.. what goes c stand for

    • Hi Emily,The robins are doing well they are on the perch feeding from a coffee stirrer,they also have a new friend with them it’s a blue tit,if you look on the gallery in will post a photo,but when I put pics on Unfortunatly they appear anywhere so you will have to look, it’s the only one with robins and blue tit on.The letters after the posts are used by me to let me know who has got the birds so I can keep track of them as I cannot keep them all myself(W) is Wendy (c) is Chris.Regards Wendy

  2. Hi there

    glad to see the litre sparrow i brought i from Leigh is eating, sorry for being dim, but what do the W and H stand for?

    • Hi Lynn,sorry to say the sparrow did not make it, but the letters after an animal entry is just to let me know who is caring for the bird W is me, H is heather a volunteer etc etc. it can be a little confusing but it helps me keep track of which animal is where.
      Thanks for caring

    • oh what a shame, i am not sure if it would have been OK with ts broken wing even if it had got through the potential infection. Thank you so much for trying though, it was very kind.

  3. Thank you so much for taking in the little collared dove we brought to you yesterday. I hope he continues to do very well in your care. We’d love to know how he gets on. It was great meeting you and keep up the good work, Lou

    • Hi Lou,He is doing fine,when we came home last night his crop was full of seed so he is self feeding,he also has a friend in with him, another dove came in last night, straight away they cuddled together.Regards Wendy

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