4 thoughts on “New Arrivals – Injured Bird.

  1. Hello there, we left a tiny hedgehog with you on tuesday night, we found her wondering around our garden during the day, theres no mention of her in the new animals, we just hope she’s fine and making good progress, thanks for taking her in.

  2. Hi lyndsey babies doing great and growing fast am passing them onto one of our carers now to continue feeding will post on progress chart when released but will be a good few weeks yet.Thanks for caring.

  3. My heart sank when I read the word ‘died’, but i am much relieved to see that the two baby pigeons my husband bought to you last night are doing well. Looking forward to hearing about their progress and have our fingers crossed for them. Mum has been on the look out but they are in the best place. Many thanks for your kindness, xLyndsey

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