Voluntary centres

Curtesy of Trevor Weeks – Wildlife rescue centres up and down the country are working extremely hard at the moment and throughout the rest of the summer, most of those involved work voluntarily or on minimum wage (also putting in many hours voluntarily), working long hours frequently up to 15 plus hours a day often 7 days a week, getting very stressed, tired and run down trying to help the millions of sick, injured and orphaned wild animals and birds being found at this time of year. Virtually all of these organisations are fairly small, with limited resources. If they are unable to come to you to collect a casualty, or their facilities are full, or can’t get to you quickly enough, or take a while to return your call, please don’t be rude to them – they are trying their best to help as many people and animals as possible but they are not super human they will have limits. If they can’t help please think about how you could help support them to make it easier for them to help you and other people and animals rather than criticizing them for not caring or running a “useless” organisations which doesn’t do anything. Delivering a casualty, getting it to a local vets, waiting with the casualty and following the advice given over the phone is very helpful, as is volunteering your time and donating to help cover the expenses. We realise it is stressful when you find a casualty. Please try not to be negative or criticise these people if they can’t help in the way you want them to, as it is these comments which will cause these people to have a break down and close – then there will be even less resources to help you and the casualties you find. Generally those involved in wildlife rescue dedicate their lives to helping others, so please be understanding and try to help them where you can. Wildlife rescue organisations need your help not your criticism.

Hog Dangers

Very unhappy ? yesterday i had to take a little hog to the vet who had to be put to sleep due to a badly broken jaw after a RTA and then another one later last night who had been strimmed I hate having to do this. SO PLEASE KEEP AN EYE OUT FOR HOGS THEY DO NOT SEE THESE SORT OF DANGERS (especially when cutting long grass or borders)!!! If you do accidentally injure a hog please get it help straight away don’t leave it thinking it will be ok, the smallest cut on a hog can be a death warrant as the fly’s will soon find them and lay eggs causing fly strike.