Leaving it too late

Can we please ask if you find injured or small hogs (under 600g) please get them to us asap. Any hog found out during the day needs help immediately by a carer or centre who know what they are doing some people are leaving it and feeding it for a few days this time lapse could make the difference between us being able to help it and have it survive or it dying soon after arrival, its no good waiting till the poor animal is on deaths door then hoping we can do miracles (they are few and far between)


Now is the time to stock bird feeders and keep them stocked along with fresh water, as birds need to map the gardens where they can get their winter food, also if you feed hedgehogs please continue during winter even if only with dry food and water, until you know they are feeding again then give cat/dog meat as some hogs especially the smaller ones will wake during winter to top up on food, thus depleting precious stored body fat trying to find food thank you.