Cold Weather

The colder nights are coming so please leave a little extra food for wildlife, this time of year it is getting more difficult for wildlife to find food. Hedgehogs are trying to get their fat reserves up to be able to hibernate any small hogs found out during the day need to be taken to a rescue centre as they will not be able to reach 600g before winter. Hogs need to be 600g before they can hibernate successfully.

Winter is Coming

Winter is on its way and Hedgehogs will be starting to make their nests so if you are tidying you garden please be careful of mounds of grass and leaves, also leave the leaves you have collected in a pile some where in the garden so hogs can use them for nesting material. Extra food being left out also helps as hogs are now trying to gain body fat to help them survive hibernation. Water is also important so don’t forget water freezes so ice will have to be removed to allow wildlife to drink.