We are having quite a few hogs coming in that are under weight and dehydrated, as the weather gets warmer please leave a dish of water and some food for the hedgehogs,as their food Worms insects and grubs go deep underground as the earth dries out so hogs cannot find them.

Hedgehogs in June

By curtesy of Kay Bullen BHPS
This really is the start of the hoglet season, many females will either be pregnant or have suckling youngsters.

If you see a dead hedgehog, and it is safe to do so, have a look and a listen to check for any hoglets. Over the next few days or even a week it is worth returning to the area to check for any orphans. The hoglets make a distress call like a baby bird but it is very loud and at ground level. If you have a placid dog let them join in the search on a lead and if you find one hoglet don’t rest on your laurels but search for more as there can be 4 – 5 in a litter. Sometimes abandoned hoglets will be attacked by some of the larger birds so if you see birds, in the locality, getting excited and chattering see what has caught their interest. Cats are very inquisitive, so they may also be attracted to the hoglets, but are more likely just to observe, unless the hoglets are very small or perhaps injured.

If you have a hedgehog visitor that does not stay around it is probably a male. At this time of year the males are more nomadic in their search for mates. Females, however, have a small home patch. This will be large enough to support her and her current family. She will not be able to travel far as her hoglets will not leave the nest until they are around 4 weeks old. At this age they will be able to follow her on her nightly forages. When about 8 weeks old they will start to disperse.

If you are lucky enough to have a female nesting in your garden do not be tempted to look into the nest as there may be hoglets there. If a female is disturbed she may abandon her hoglets or in some cases they have been known to kill their young. Be patient and perhaps you will be lucky enough to see a little line of hoglets following mum one evening.

Mad Rush

We are having lots of animals at the moment,quite a few hedgehogs that are under weight cold and have an infestation of worms, if you see a hog out during the day there is usually something wrong with it.There has to be precaution taken as this is the time of year when females have got babies and without mom they will starve.Birds are also coming in fast, if you see a young bird on the ground that cannot fly this is normal as long as it is fully feathered, does not look injured and parents are still feeding,then please observe with out thinking it has fell from the nest.All bird leave the nest before they can fly it is part of their development,they will hide when there is danger,and parents will come down to feed them.