Thank you

Thank you so much Debbie Robinson for our donation from our Amazon wish list it really is appreciated without this sort of help we would really struggle thank you from us all and our feathered and spiky friends x x

Immediate help

If you find a sick injured or orphaned animal please contact us straight away and do not wait a few days, they need specialist care and attention.Keeping them can cause more harm than good due to stress, injuries that cannot be seen such as a cat attack on birds, ( just a pin prick from a cats claw which may not be found can cause blood poisoning and death within 72 hours),and dehydration is another main cause for alarm, being in captivity can cause dehydration through stress. Feeding the wrong foods can be fatal so even if you cannot get the animal to us straight away ring for advice just to confirm your knowledge is correct.


Spring is now here,we have released our Tawney owl back where he came from.The young pigeons are starting to come through our doors,soon we will be over run with baby birds,so just a reminder if you see a feathered bird on the ground and it is not in immediate danger and looks healthy,please observe it for a while before thinking it has fell from the nest or been abandoned,most birds (with the exception of a few varieties) leave the nest before they can fly and live in undergrowth where parents will come to feed them.Let mom and dad raise their brood wherever possible they have worked hard to get the babies to this stage.Any unfeathered babies found on the ground do need to be rescued,they cannot fend for themselves and cannot keep body temperature stable,put them in a box with a water bottle covered in tea towel, if you have not got a water bottle then fill a small pop bottle with warm water,and find a rescue immediately,these birds cannot last long without food(please do not feed the bird if done incorrectly can be fatal( NEVER FEED BREAD OR MILK) this is a killer.