Sparrow hawk

One of our volunteers was called out to a Sparrow hawk who had flown into someone’s window then proceeded to go into his house and hide behind the sofa, we don’t usually collect animals but this was a unique circumstance.We kept it over night and as it was ok released it back into it the same area the following day.Well done Chris.

Baby hogs

At this time of year you may find baby hedgehogs out during the day they do not usually venture far from their nest, but may be exploring,if they are sleeping out in the open during the day then they may need help.Very small hogs out during the day will need help as they cannot regulate temperature or feed themselves.If you find one make sure you keep it warm( a water bottle covered with a towel,a wheat bag covered with a towel,or a small pop bottle filled with hot not boiling water covered with a towel ) will work well,then contact a carer at once.If you are not near us then ring the British Hedgehog Preservation Society who keep an extensive list of Carers.