Pets at Home

Thank you once again is sent to out Stafford Branch of Pets at home for a very kind donation of £663.09 this Pets at Home are keeping us afloat,allowing us to continue our work,They have supported us right from the beginning go Hedgehog and Bird Rescue and continue to do so.We Thank you and are really fortunate to have you as our sponsor.

Collage Picture

We would like to say thank you to Dawn Martin who sent us a lovely picture and letter, it was so nice to receive it and know others appreciate the work we do,there is a copy of the letter and picture in our gallery for people to see (it’s on page 2)thank you Dawn.

Baby Hogs

One of our Volunteers over wintered a couple of hogs for us, the female never left when she woke up from hibernation, and she now has had babies in her hog box. It’s great to hear a success story like this,to know you have rescued a hog and now she is increasing the hog population which has dropped in numbers dramatically.

No Bread and Milk

PLEASE can I tell people Birds do not live on bread and milk.Milk will kill a bird and bread while it may fill a bird up it has no goodness in it,if you have to feed a bird for a short time until you can get it to a carer give it small pieces of soaked complete dog food or if you don’t have that a bit of porridge or wheatabix made with water (not milk),unless it’s a water bird then egg food or chick crumb from Pets at Home mixed with water.Please ring for advice and help.