This week we had a pigeon in to go into the avery before release, it had been hand reared by kind people who had cared for it while I was ill,we talked them through how and what to feed and they did a great job. It was only this week I learned they had cancelled a holiday so they could look after it.There is dedication for you, how many people would have done that, a BIG THANK YOU from us and from the pigeon who is doing will.

Small Hedgehogs

Winter is on the way, this time of year you may find small hedgehogs out and about during the day, if they are small they will need to be taken to a carer who can over winter them, Any hog that is under 600g should not be allowed to go into hibernation as often they do not have the body fats to survive till spring, and die during the winter. We keep all small hogs on heat pads to prevent hibernation and feed through out winter.
If you have hibernating hogs in your garden (over wintering or visiting) they will appreciate food and water(not forgetting to break any ice) being left for them as hogs will wake from time to time and waste essential body fats looking for food.Dry cat biscuits are fine with a dish of water until you know your hogs have woke up then cat or dog meat is better.
If you know where hogs are hibernating please do not disturb them, you can place a thin twig across the entrance of their nest so if the hog comes out the twig will have moved so cat or dog meat can then be left for it.