Rodent Glue Traps

We had a Hedgehog in that was covered in a sticky substance, after working on him for 2 hours we had managed to remove most of it from the spines,but could not get him to uncurl to do underneath area.Off to Melbourne Vets Cannock to be knocked out, but even then after trying everything they had it would not come off the fur.I was told about Glue Rodent Traps (Which I did not know existed and think are abominable to animals).I managed to trace the company who provides them and was informed there was no known thing to remove the glue.After contacting the Vale Wildlife Hospital I was told they had used Fairy Liguid on their birds when they had it on them(other brands did not work),or Butter was another option.
So back to the vets armed with both items, again our Sticky Bud (hogs nickname)was knocked out and the butter got most of it out.A Big Thank You For all the help and patience this hog recieved.To the Vale (who are our lifeline when needing advice) ,and to the vets for patience and commitment.


We would like to say thank you to all our volunteers who have all been very busy with the influx of birds we appreciate all the help they offer.We are always looking for new volunteers to lighten the work load,there are a few criteria to look at though,

1. You must be able to feed baby birds hourly throughout the day till about 9pm.I take mine to work with me and are able to feed throughout the day.
2.You must be over 18.
3.You must have transport to collect and return animals to us.

We will give training and supply equipment and cages along with the animal.We will also supply some food.
If anyone is interested please contact us on 09122 414694.