Fledgling Blue Tits

We seem to be having a lot of Baby Baby Tits in recently who seem to have been left behind when the rest have fledged unfortunately these bird are usually very small, and although seem to be healthy and feed well at first they are not surviving.It is the same with nestlings they are very difficult to raise.

Dogs dinner

Yesterday we had a baby sparrow come in as when the lady got home from work she found it in the dogs food bowl, she said the cat must have brought it in, but the dog was sitting by the cat flap and stopping the cat from returning into the house. What a wonderful guardian angel.

Hoover the Ducklings

Yesterday we had 2 Mallard Ducklings,they were found in a drain.It took about 1 hour to get them out as they could not be reached.Someone came up with the brilliant idea of covering the end of a Henry Hoover Hose with a cloth and suck them out.It worked hats off to great idea’s.Thanks for caring guys.