Youngster feeds baby blackbird

We have recently raised a fledgling blackbird who is now self feeding,when we had another young fledgling blackbird in we put them together, this one would not gape for food, but would not feed itself,so after some days of having to handle it every feed time to feed,the original blackbird started feeding the younger one.God bless mothering instinct.

Busy Busy Busy

We have had a very busy week, Lots of animals coming in from a wide area of places,It’s is great to see so many people care about them,But we cannot stress enough if a bird is a fledgling (Fully feathered fluttering about in undergrowth) as long as it does not look injured or in danger, please observe to see if parents are feeding.The parent does not want to loose their baby and can care for it a lot better than we can,so please give them a chance to do what they need to do.

Pigeon weekend

Had a busy weekend with pigeons this week with 5 coming in of varying ages,in 2 days. We welcome the spring and set our minds for the busy time coming up with baby birds.If you find and uninjured young bird in your garden and it is fully feathered and is not in danger, before rescueing it please observe to see if mom bird is coming to feed it, it could take up to an hour with smaller birds and 2 hours with pigeons.Most baby birds leave the nest before they can fly, and will hide in undergrowth till mom comes to feed them.These are fledgling birds and this is all part of the growing up process.Mom can look after them better than any person, please give her a chance to do that.