Miracle baby hedgehog

This week we were brought a hedgehog, it looked like and behaved like a 6/8 week old hog and weighed just 204g. This was a bit confusing as hogs do not give birth this time of year.Looking at the claw length confirmed our thoughts.It was a very late last years baby, how it survived the winter we do not know. Unfortunatly it got to us too late and we could not save it. Hedgehogs are now coming out of hibernation so if you see a small hog out during the day please contact us for advice as it will need help.You could help by leaving food and water out for them as with this weather food is scarce. An upturned plastic box with a 5″x5″ hole cut into the side,or old upside down pet bed make an ideal feeding station, and with a brick by the entrance with room for a hedgehog to get in will prevent cats or other larger animals eating the food.