Surrogate mom returns

When Clyde came back to us he lived with Alan,he is a snorty hissing hedgehog.Yesterday his surrogate mom (who raised him from a baby) went to see him, even though he has not seen her for several months the moment she pick him up he uncurled and nuzzled her, no hissing or any sound as if he remembered her straight away.A lovely reunion.Alan said he still hisses at him.

Merry Christmas

May I take this opportunity to say Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our volunteers who have worked so hard, fighting to save our wildlife. Well done keep up the good work there’s lots more to come!!!!!!!!!. Also a big THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to us.

Hedgehogs in winter

With the onset of winter we have had a number of hedgehogs in that are small, underweight and have lung worm (which if left will kill the hog, so needs to be treated), these hogs need to come in for overwintering as they do not have enough body fat to survive the cold weather. If you find one firstly put it in a box, on water bottle covered with a towel with another towel or shrended paper over the top of it. If you don’t have a water bottle, a pop bottle with hot water in wrapped in a tea towel will suffice. Then ring us for advice.

Return of hedgehog

As we mark our hedgehogs on release for identification we found we have recently had Clyde return to Alan’s garden, who was released 2 months ago.He had lost 250g so he is now under weight to hibernate (they should be at least 600g).He will over winter with us and be released in spring.
Sadly we had to have our Tawney Owl euthanised as the damage incurred by the car was too severe.R.I.P