Autumn is here

As autumn is here and winter approaches animals will especially need our help now.Food for birds and hedgehogs and fresh water (not forgetting to break the ice as it forms on water to allow access).Any left over food from your meals would be a great help for foxes and birds.
We are having a quiet time at the centre now with the main incoming animal being the pigeon, and a few hedgehogs.Some of our hogs are arriving at just 198g, without overwintering them they would not survive till spring.Please email or phone for information on how to help wildlife, but if you find a hedgehog or bird in need of help please RING do not email as time could be a life saver and we only check emails once a day(early morning).

Attack on Release pen

We have a very quiet crow at the moment, who last night was really alarmed,on going out to see why I found a fox jumping up at the netting of our release pen trying to get the birds,they were panicking and one got stuck in the fence causing injury to its head.It would not have been so bad, but I feed the foxes away from our property and that’s the thanks I get, still it’s nature and we love them all, no hard feelings fox but don’t do it again.