Hedgehogs found in garden

On the night of 14 March when putting out fresh food for any hedgehogs, I noticed a small hedgehog by the soft release box.  On checking him out I saw another one close by.  One is a male 450g and the other (unable to check gender)  weighed 575g. Which is unusual as hedgehogs are solitary animals. Both are being kept in soft release pen to increase their weight and will be released at a later date.

On cleaning out the soft release pen on the 15 March  we found a third hedgehog.  It is a male and weighs 550g.  All three have been examined  and except for some ticks which we removed, they all  appear to be  in good health other than a little under weight


Hedgehog returned to the wild

We thought you would like to know that  one of our over wintered hedgehogs (Mel), which we had  on soft release from  23 February, has now been successfully released into the wild again at a good weight of 1150g.

She stayed in and around our garden for three nights staying daytime in the soft release hedgehog box. Fresh food is still put out each night.  Last sighting of her was on the night of 9 March

First Baby Bird

We had our first baby bird of the year yesterday; it was a young collered dove. It is too young to feed itself so is being hand fed and doing well. If you find young birds in the garden and they are not in danger please leave them where they are and observe them for at least 2 hours. The parent birds will come to feed them within this time. Most birds leave the nest before they can fly and will hide when danger is near. This stage of their growth is when we call it a fledgling

pigeon with concussion

We have received a pigeon that was attacked we presume by a hawk,by the look of the position of the birds head it looks like a broken neck ; but bad concussion can cause this effect and the bird may possibly recover. We are keeping our fingers crossed with good nursing and a little luck who knows.