Melbourne & willenhall Hedgehogs

Melbourne over the last four days is on a soft release outside and has increased her weight to 1050grams, hopefully if weather continues to stay mild  we should be able to release her back into the wild.

Willy is still inside, but, weight is increasing and is now 750g. Again, if the mild weather  continues we  will try her with a soft release when she reaches 800g

We would just like to express our thanks to Tanya and Chris who have kept us supplied over the winter months with the much needed news paper; hand and bath towels also small feeding jars which have all come in extremely uesful.  Thank you

Also, our many thanks to everyone who have supported us, and are still supporting us in many ways.  Without your help we would find it very difficult to continue our work in helping our Wildlife. Thank you

Cat attacks on Wild Birds

We had a blackbird in who had been attacked by a cat; if you find a bird with cat damage it is important to get it to us as soon as possible. Within hours blood poisoning sets in due to all the toxins on cats claws. The sooner we can give antibiotics the more chance the bird has of survival.

The return of the Blackbird

When feeding the rescued birds this morning, I had a few extra visitors; a squirrel came into the shed for breakfast, a robin came for food just outside the shed door, and a female blackbird came as well. I am pretty sure the blackbird is one we released in the summer as she lacked the full fear of humans that other blackbirds would have. It was a wildlife pleasure to be there with them all.