Willenhall hog

Willenhall hog has been with us since end of September, she came in as a light weight baby and has fluctuated with weight ever since.She has gained a reasonable amount but refuses to gain anymore and is slowly loosing it every few days. She looks healthy but eats very little to non. At the moment Alan is trying to work his magic, lets all wish him well, come on little hog you have fought well up to now don’t give up. Any ideas are welcome she has had antibiotics been wormed and is on heat pad.

up to date onhogs

melbourne hog retaining weight at750grms ,she must be having a rave up of a night as her bed is all over the cage in the mornings ,when i go to check on her I will try something different tonight.The other hog is doing well ,weight steady at the moment..We have another female hog in at the moment ,that is not eating enough food for her intake at the moment we are trying different tit bits to try and get her to eat properly.Will keep you informed on how she is doing.

Update on Hedgehog progress

Re: Female hedgehog from Melbourne Vet.

As you may remember we tried a soft release with this hedgehog, due to weight loss over two nights I had to bring her back in.  As at today’s date she is now up to 725g which under normal circumstances I would consider another soft release but due to the cold weather I have decided to over winter her.

With regards to the  other female  hedgehog which was found in the back garden.  I am happy to say she is eating really well & has increased her weight to 500g as of today.  She also will be now be over wintered.


Builder the pigeon

After releasing woodies 3 weeks ago we have found one with the builders which are extending a house up the road. It sits on the scaffolding with them nearly all day,so they have been out and brought seed and put water out for it for it and are enjoying its company. Who says burley builders arn’t soft at heart.Cheers guys.