Small Hog

Yesterday Alan found a small hog in his garden at 375g it needs a little help to survive the winter, so after initial check over and rehydration, she had a good night with heat pad and food this morning was 420g come on little hog keep it up.
Lost a little weight overnight 414g now, come on little hog.

The Non Hedgehog

One of our carers was due to have a delivery of a hog, when it arrived it was not in the towels in the box,it was not in the box,it was not in the car, where is the non hedgehog ????????? If you have this problem leave food and  water in the last place seen i.e. in the room it was kept in untill took to carers,and shut the door hogs are great at hiding when they want to, it does not mean they have gone for good just cannot be found.