Hedgehogs found in garden

On the night of 14 March when putting out fresh food for any hedgehogs, I noticed a small hedgehog by the soft release box.  On checking him out I saw another one close by.  One is a male 450g and the other (unable to check gender)  weighed 575g. Which is unusual as hedgehogs are solitary animals. Both are being kept in soft release pen to increase their weight and will be released at a later date.

On cleaning out the soft release pen on the 15 March  we found a third hedgehog.  It is a male and weighs 550g.  All three have been examined  and except for some ticks which we removed, they all  appear to be  in good health other than a little under weight


Hedgehog returned to the wild

We thought you would like to know that  one of our over wintered hedgehogs (Mel), which we had  on soft release from  23 February, has now been successfully released into the wild again at a good weight of 1150g.

She stayed in and around our garden for three nights staying daytime in the soft release hedgehog box. Fresh food is still put out each night.  Last sighting of her was on the night of 9 March

Melbourne & willenhall Hedgehogs

Melbourne over the last four days is on a soft release outside and has increased her weight to 1050grams, hopefully if weather continues to stay mild  we should be able to release her back into the wild.

Willy is still inside, but, weight is increasing and is now 750g. Again, if the mild weather  continues we  will try her with a soft release when she reaches 800g

We would just like to express our thanks to Tanya and Chris who have kept us supplied over the winter months with the much needed news paper; hand and bath towels also small feeding jars which have all come in extremely uesful.  Thank you

Also, our many thanks to everyone who have supported us, and are still supporting us in many ways.  Without your help we would find it very difficult to continue our work in helping our Wildlife. Thank you

up to date onhogs

melbourne hog retaining weight at750grms ,she must be having a rave up of a night as her bed is all over the cage in the mornings ,when i go to check on her I will try something different tonight.The other hog is doing well ,weight steady at the moment..We have another female hog in at the moment ,that is not eating enough food for her intake at the moment we are trying different tit bits to try and get her to eat properly.Will keep you informed on how she is doing.

Update on Hedgehog progress

Re: Female hedgehog from Melbourne Vet.

As you may remember we tried a soft release with this hedgehog, due to weight loss over two nights I had to bring her back in.  As at today’s date she is now up to 725g which under normal circumstances I would consider another soft release but due to the cold weather I have decided to over winter her.

With regards to the  other female  hedgehog which was found in the back garden.  I am happy to say she is eating really well & has increased her weight to 500g as of today.  She also will be now be over wintered.