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In Memory of Ray Horobin

We are sorry for the loss of Ray Horobin who sadly passed away on 9th March 2018, We really appreciate the very generous donation in memory of him from Maureen Horobin. I am sure he would be happy with this gesture as he was a wildlife lover and always made sure there was food for the birds. Thank you so much.

2017 stats

This year has seen 233 animals through my door alone not counting my volunteers the breakdown is as follows:-
Hedgehogs 59
Of which 22 Released 9 still in care 28 R.I.P or euthanised
Birds 164
Of which 82 Released 1 still in care 81 R.I.P or euthanised
Others eg rabbits etc 9
Of which 7 Released 2 R.I.P
We always do our very best and try to improve on figures every year by increasing knowledge and caring techniques.

Bonfire night

November 5th is a frightening time for wildlife especially ones who have found a lovely home inside prebuilt bonfires, please check fires before lighting have a gentle prod about inside fires to see if anything that resembles a grassy leafy mound has appeared, or better still build your fire on the afternoon (wood can be stored dry which is easier to light and building the fire on the day adds to the atmosphere and excitement for children),or move fire to a different location. Always light fires nearest to people first leaving the quieter side as an escape route for any wildlife that was missed when being checked. PLEASE KEEP OUR WILDLIFE SAFE THANK YOU.

Help for hedgehogs in winter

Curtesy of Kay Bullen

Time is getting on and just as we might prepare early for Christmas so the hedgehogs must prepare to hibernation. When birds are flying to warmer climates, squirrels and Jays are building up food stores, hedgehogs are also building up their food stores; but theirs will be internal fat. One type of fat to live off and another one to kick start their waking processes.

This extra fat must be sufficient to see them through the whole of the winter. If they do not have enough fat stored they will not be able to survive the winter and may have to delay going into hibernation. However, as the weather gets colder so their natural food will disappear, this produces a vicious circle, they are searching for more food and that food is less abundant.

This is why extra food can be a life saver. A dry nest box in which to make their hibernation nest would be a bonus. Provided they have plenty of food and a dry place to sleep in, they can hibernate later or may even survive the winter without hibernating. It is not the cold weather that kills them rather the lack of food it brings. Having said that if their nest is in a cold damp environment and their bedding is damp then they will struggle against hypothermia. The young, weak, sick and elderly hedgehogs will be the most vulnerable.

A dish of water should also be provided especially if you are feeding them dry foods. If the food and water can be place inside a feeding station this would give them a certain protection from the frosts and would also keep the hedgehog dry when it is feeding in the rain or snow.