Mild winter

As we have had such a mild winter this year we have been able to release hogs throughout the season,which is much healthier for them and far less stressful.a lot of hogs have not hibernated this year so please continue feeding throughout the winter making sure they have a shallow dish of unfrozen water as well.

Winter months

As colder weather hits us please remember to continue feeding hogs as they will wake up from hibernation periodically to feed using essential body fats looking for food.Some hogs do not hibernate at all due to milder winters. Please also make sure water left for wildlife has not frozen so they cannot get to it.

Help needed

HI it’s that time of year again animals coming in thick and fast if you would like to donate either food from our Amazon wish list or a PayPal donation ( we would really appreciate your support .


Thank you Julie and John Goodwin for your PayPal donation we really appreciate your support,if any one wishes to donate via PayPal it’s thank you we also have an easyfunding account which costs nothing to you but if you shop on line via easyfunding we get a donation as long as you register and choose us as your chosen charity x

Ways to donate

HI we have a PayPal account and we have an easyfunding account which allows you to shop on the internet and shopping through easy funding app gets a donation at no cost to you please sign up and help there are lots of shops including Amazon
Thank you x


HI Christmas is coming and why not donate the money you would spend on Christmas cards to help our wildlife I’m sure your friends and family would not mind and may also join in x PayPal account thank you


Hi friends don’t forget to sign up for easy fundraising to support us when you shop on line signing up before 31st Nov gives us an entry per person to win £500 thanks, Also don’t for get our PayPal account for donations x x


Thank you Jill and James Currid once again for your PayPal donation thank you for your continued support, If anyone wishes to donate via PayPal please send to or visit our Facebook page “Hedgehog and gardenbird rescue Staffordshire” for our Amazon wish list thank you x